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With small businesses making up roughly 98% of the business landscape in British Columbia, small businesses are definitely leading the competitive marketplace in the province. The provinces tourism industry is a major supporter of this strong small business sector as it accounts for about 1 in 15 employed residents of the province of British Columbia.


Dedicated to offering small businesses a fast and simple way to shop for commercial liability insurance coverage online, Bullfrog Insurance is here to help small businesses in British Columbia, like yours, find the right protection for its needs. As a business owner, you cannot afford setbacks due to unforeseen events or issues, which is why we offer you the ability to purchase, pay, and receive your BC liability insurance quotes and policies in real-time so you can get on with your business.

Purchasing a Small Business Liability Insurance Policy is Easy.

Simply fill out our short online questionnaire and we instantly provide you with multiple online quotes based on your needs. All small business insurance coverage options are standardized between insurance companies so all you have to do is compare liability insurance quotes based on price!

Snippet of Locations Where Bullfrog Currently Offers Small Business Liability Insurance Coverage in BC:

Specializing in the liability insurance requirements of British Columbia, Canada, Bullfrog Insurance brokers will help you make sure that your small business is properly covered by the letter of the law for your own protection and piece of mind. You can run your business while we make sure you are protected.


Snippet of Locations Where Bullfrog Currently Offers Small Business Liability Insurance Coverage in Canada: