The Carpenter’s Wish



There once was a carpenter with skills beyond compare

He dreamt of starting a business “Renovations Done with Care.”


He came home one Christmas and said to his wife,

“Perhaps if I make a go of this, we can improve our life.”


He tried to call a broker for business insurance,

But on Christmas Eve this was an unlikely occurrence. 


So he searched on Google and to his great delight

He found “Bullfrog Insurance – Get A Quote day or night.”


He entered his details and purchased online

His business had been insured – one thing less on his mind.


It wasn’t a big Christmas Wish 

Not something you could put under a tree

But it gives us such joy to see people’s dreams become reality.


Whatever your business 

Bullfrog Insurance wishes everyone Happy Holidays and All The Best In 2017


Terms and Conditions Page

Making Your “Terms and Conditions” user friendly while still protecting your business


Terms of Use. Terms of Service. Terms and Conditions. You’ve probably never paid much attention to them, despite them being on every website you visit online. The problem with Terms of Use (TOU) is that they are difficult to read and understand, and if you really want to use the site, you have to agree to them anyway.


Simplify the language

Simplicity is great, but you have to be careful.  The Atlantic recently published an article on this very topic and used website 500px as a prime example. The website offers its legalese in a column on the left and a simplification in a column on the right, with the disclaimer that the latter column “is not legally binding.” This arrangement, while superficially elegant, does nothing to address the problem that exists regardless of form.  If your  user lacks comprehension, be it of the meaning of the rigid legalese or the legal implications that are lost when the terms are oversimplified simple language is not a solution by itself.


Clickwrap or Browsewrap?

Composing a good TOU is just half the battle, because a user still has to opt-in, be it through an active action or a passive one. A distinction can be made between “clickwrap” TOU that engage users through a positive action (requiring they “Accept” the terms or not) before accessing a destination or obtaining a product on your site.  The other – passive – type of TOU is a “browsewrap” TOU, which only exists as a hyperlink on the page allowing users to view terms and conditions, but not mandating that they do so.


Whether or not either of these avenues is legally binding can depend on what country you are in. In the U.S. Ninth Circuit case Nguyen v. Barnes & Noble, Inc. (2014), the user sued the bookstore for deceptive online business practices. The bookstore argued that the user could not sue because of an arbitration clause in the site’s terms. The court decided that  “the user was successful in arguing that they weren’t subject to the terms of use of a website that had a browsewrap agreement.”


However, in the Canadian case of Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership v. Rogers Communications Inc. (2011) (BCSC), browsewrap TOU were found to be enforceable against users. While it appears that non-prompting TaC may be legally binding in Canada, the very recent decision in Nguyen v. Barnes & Noble, Inc. and the otherwise complete lack of case law on this specific matter, especially in Canada, should suggest that it’s better to be safe than sorry—so be sure to clickwrap your shiny, new, and user-friendly TOU.


In the end, using simpler words, clear grammar, good organization and a clickwrap TOU can go a long way to engaging the user and increasing the chances that they will be bound by the terms and conditions presented.


As always Bullfrog Insurance is committed to helping entrepreneurs success.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Clausehound to bring you a library of expert-compiled legal frameworks.  To see a standard set of terms and conditions, visit their Small Business Law Library.


As well, be sure to visit the Bullfrog Blog often for more tips on marketing, sales and risk mitigation




‘Tis The Season to Network


Networking for Entrepreneurs – Some Do’s and Don’ts

With the holiday season approaching, you’re going to be at a lot of events that present a great opportunity for networking.  Unfortunately, even the most experienced entrepreneurs can often be inexperienced in the art of networking.


The most major mistake small business owners may make is not networking. Opting to avoid networking means that you are not capitalizing on opportunities nearly as much as you could be. Some business owners cite several reasons as to why they do not network such as not having the energy or personality.  Most experienced entrepreneurs find ways to circumvent such obstacles, as they view networking as a critical process. Networking can be seen as a very high value activity for a business, considering the results it may provide relative to the resources that must be placed towards engaging in it.


Another common mistake is actively attending networking events but not reaping the rewards of networking. If you leave with a bunch of business cards and then store them in a drawer rather than follow up with prospective clients and partners, attending events will not be a productive activity for you.  As well when networking authenticity is very important. Connecting to others as a company instead of as a person can be a major mistake.  How often have you spoken with someone and come away feeling that they were a little too “salesy”?.  Connecting with people takes time and effort, but if you build the right connections with people, they may provide you with a stream of clients through word of mouth.


Finally, be sure to manage your efforts carefully and be selective.  Attempting to go to every event you get an email or brochure about can lead to burnout.  With a little consideration and planning you can reap the rewards of networking without incurring any of the drawbacks.


Be sure to visit the Bullfrog Blog often for more tips on marketing, sales and risk mitigation




Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget



On Remembrance Day


At Bullfrog Insurance we salute entrepreneurs 364 Days a year because starting a business takes courage and succeeding at business takes commitment.


On November 11th, however we salute those who put others before themselves, those who serve our great country, those who serve the purpose of peace everywhere and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.   On Remembrance Day we take a moment to think about and thank all the service men and women who do so much for our country, democracy and freedom everywhere.


From the entire team at Bullfrog Insurance, we wish everyone a peaceful Remembrance Day.



Halloween 2016 Costumes You Should Know



Helping You Get Up to Date

You are a business owner with little to no time to be caught up on all things related to pop culture at the moment. However Halloween is arriving soon. Instead of being out-of-the-loop, here’s a break down of most common characters to expect costumes from around the office. With this knowledge, you will be able to feign understanding towards these pop culture crazes, and look up to date.


Stranger Things

‘Stranger things’ is a Netflix original show that is a mix of mystery, supernatural, and thriller. It is about the disappearance about boy named Will Bryers and the odd series of events that occurs when they search for him. It has captivated audiences with its first season and is slated to have another soon.

People to look for: Chief Jim hopper, Will Bryers, Joyce, Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Jonathan, Karen, Dr.Martin, Barbara.


Inside Out

‘Inside Out’ is a very popular Pixar movie that was released last year. The movie has been received well and is seen as one of the studio’s staples. The movie has several characters which people have connected to that look distinct yet imitate-able, leading to them being an expected common choice.

The main characters to look out for: Riley, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust.


Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones is a story that extends across multiple books that is now being presented in television format. The show has an expansive universe and set-pieces beyond anything previously seen on television. This show has broken records for TV popularity and has a dedicated fan-base. As a result, there will likely be a lot of Game of Thrones characters around the office on Halloween.

Characters to expect, Hordor, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Aria Stark, Sansa Stark, Daenerys, Targayen, Ceresi Lannister, Bran stark, Jamie Lannister, Bejen Stark



This series has picked up a lot of steam this year. The Pokémon craze of the 90s is returning to full form in 2016 as a result of the mobile app “Pokémon Go”.  Pokémon Go has made the video game accessible for the younger generations while bringing nostalgia for the older crowd; this combination allowed it to break records for mobile application downloads. With these factors in mind, this series will probably see representation at the office on the 31st.

The main characters to look out for:  Ash Ketchum, Team rocket, Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle


At Bullfrog Insurance we are always looking for ways to help business owners maximize their success.  Be sure to frequently visit our blog for a multitude of helpful business articles ranging from risk management, marketing or ways to have fun with your team.

Small Business Payroll Solutions


Here at Bullfrog, we are always hard at work trying come up with new products and solutions that can help you and your small business grow. With that being said, we are very excited to share with you our new Payroll Solutions – a fast and easy way to set-up your company’s payroll and payments system.

Our new Payment Solutions product provides you and your small business with a variety of solutions depending on the type of payroll service you require. From an online portal for your employees to access their payslips, to affordable benefit plans for your staff, we can provide you with the solutions you need.

Here are the Payroll Solutions now offered through Bullfrog:



Take advantage of a dedicated online portal that securely and accurately allows you to pay your staff and contractors. It’s safe and fast!


Business Payments.

Quickly and easily make direct electronic payments to your suppliers and vendors. It’s that simple!


Paychequer – Staff Hub.

Equip your staff with a self-service option that allows them to retrieve their payslips and tax forms through a secure online portal.



Obtain affordable benefit plans for you and your staff. From health to dental, we have a plan that suits your needs!


If you have any questions regarding the information above or if you would like to discuss getting the right payroll solutions for your small business, our Bullfrog Insurance brokers would be happy to help you out. Contact us today for a free quote!

Vote For Bullfrog Insurance!


We are thrilled to announce that Bullfrog Insurance has been chosen as a finalist for the Insurance Canada Technology Award (ICTA). This award highlights and recognizes the use and implementation of innovative technologies that have positively impacted the Canadian insurance industry. We are elated to be recognized as the first program in Canada to offer small business owners a fast and easy way to purchase small business insurance online!




Along with this nomination, we have also been chosen as one of the finalists for the People’s Choice Award at the ICTAs (woo!). With so many amazing finalists up for this award, we need your help to win! It’s important to mention that you can only vote once and the February 25th deadline is coming up fast. Get your vote on!



Thank You!

Webinar: Risky Business – Are Your Real Risks Covered?


Many small businesses in Canada often purchase too much or not enough insurance, are unsure what their business’ risks are, and are even unprotected against the real risks facing their business. To help small business owners, like yourself, properly protect their business, we invite you to join us on December 1st from 2pm-3pm EST for our first Bullfrog webinar that touches on these issues.

The webinar is roughly 15 minutes in length and will offer insight on the following topics:

  • Learn to only buy the insurance you need, not what you don’t need;
  • Find out what the real risks related to your business are;
  • Be certain that money spent on business insurance actually covers you for risks related to your business.

Join us to gain valuable insights to save time, save  money, and keep you business properly protected.

Sign up for Webinar

Tips to Keep Customers Coming in Your Door, Literally – PART 2


In Part One, we looked at ways to differentiate the in-store experience from the online experience. This time, let’s look at another approach – how to adapt the successful strategies of an online retailer to your traditional brick and mortar.

Imagine for a minute what it would look like if E-Bay was a brick and mortar store. They would immediately know every item that you set your eyes on and would keep those items aside for you at the counter. They would analyze your choices to better understand your tastes, interests, and budget and to learn what sort of products you might want in the future. They would show you reviews and give you product suggestions. If you actually purchased something, they would collect personal data such as your gender, your address, your credit card details, your email address and more, using that information to re-market to you over and over. How can you even begin to compete with that? Read on:


Collect Insights. 
In the same way that an online retailer collects data, you can collect insights from people in your store. How do they move through your store, what do they look at, how long do they look? Observe and record client behavior and encourage employees to interact with customers to find out their interests are, what their budget is, what sort of items they are looking for now and what they might be looking for in the future. For example, if a customer purchases a bicycle, it’s likely they will be interested in a helmet, a bike rack, lights for visibility or sunglasses.  You don’t need to assault them with a barrage of add-on products – no one enjoys pushy upsell tactics, but by listening to them, you can better assess their experience level and get a sense of what they have and what they need.  In other words, you simply need to observe and listen to your customers and then think like them.


Use Technology. 
In store apps such as iBeacon are popping up everywhere. These apps communicate with shoppers via their mobile device while they’re in your store. They can offer customers deals, discounts, recommendations, and rewards and even enable mobile payments. It’s real-time, relevant marketing to your customers.


Build Your Database.  
Start collecting customer information at check-out, even if it’s just their email address and what they’re interested in (product information, specials, events etc.). Have a spot on your website and social media where you ask for these details. Use this, in combination with the other information you’re gathering, to send out relevant information and offers to your customers, including price alerts. This will strengthen your relationship with them and prompt them to come back to your store with a sense of urgency. Also make sure that you reward buyer loyalty with either special offers or events. Tailor your loyalty program based on who your customers are and what’s important to them.


Access to Information. 
People love to shop online because they can research and read reviews from other customers. Come up with a way to show clients this same information. If you use an in-store app, that’s a great way to give clients access to product information and reviews. If that’s not possible, post printed information or customer comments with your products or use a simple star rating system based on customer feedback (think dollar store stickers here). Encourage customers to give real reviews and feedback that you can use. They will appreciate that you asked for their opinion, and your future customers will benefit.


Be Unforgettable. 
Ever notice when you look at something online and the next thing you know, an ad for that store or item is popping up everywhere? This is not magic people (it’s cookies), but this type of remarketing can be hard to replicate in a brick and mortar environment. One way to adapt this strategy is to network within your community and identify businesses that target a similar demographic and offer complimentary service. Develop cross-promotions or cross-advertising to give buyers an incentive to visit or re-visit your store. Use Google or Facebook ads to target specific areas or demographics. You can even create physical wish lists enabling your customers to go home with a list of items that they didn’t buy, but maybe wanted to. Make it something wallet-sized so they have to see it every day. This will ensure that your business or products remain top of mind.


Next time you feel overwhelmed with your online competition, remember that this high-tech, online world we live in is our friend, not our enemy. Your customers can access information and make decisions quicker than ever before, but so can you. Use this to your advantage to create exceptional customer experiences and to build a real relationship with your clientele. As a brick and mortar store, you have the unique ability to integrate the best of both worlds. All that you need to do now is get out there and get started.

If you have any questions regarding the information above or if you would like to discuss getting the right insurance for your business or for personal risk management, our Bullfrog Insurance brokers would be happy to help you out. Contact us today for a free quote!

Tips to Keep Customers Coming in Your Door, Literally – PART 1


In today’s world, customers have almost endless options when it comes to where they want to shop and how they want to interact with a brand. This means stiff competition for retailers, especially for traditional brick and mortar stores competing against online retail giants.  Come on, who doesn’t want to do their shopping in pajamas, while eating a bowl of chips and watching Netflix? That being said, the battle isn’t lost yet and people do still enjoy shopping in a physical store, especially ones that work at making the experience exceptional.

Here are some tips to differentiate yourself from the online experience and to keep customers coming in your door:


Build Awareness. 
Before you can even think about creating an exceptional customer experience, you need to make sure that customers are actually finding you so that they can have an experience. Whether or not someone actually purchases an item online, they generally start their search there. Invest in improving your search results for terms relevant to your products and make sure that you have a good website where clients can get the information they need on your products, your location, your hours etc. Your website is often a client’s first interaction with you – make sure it’s a good one.


Create a Community.  
Differentiate yourself from your competition by becoming the local authority or hub for the products you sell. If you sell bikes, start a weekly riding club, sponsor a charity biking event, do a demo or send a speaker to events that target your clientele. Start a blog or a YouTube account offering tips and other interesting info. The more community you can build with your customers, the more they will come back and the more they will refer you. The more fun you’ll have too.


Empower and Arm Your Staff.  
Employees have the potential to be your biggest differentiator from an online competitor. Who wants to wait on hold with customer service for an hour, or pay for shipping to return an item that was wrong in the first place? Turn your employees into technology wielding, customer service ninjas. Give them the power to make quick decisions regarding discounts, taking returns and addressing customer complaints.  Arm them with tools that allow them to quickly check pricing, inventory, upcoming specials and more as they interact with customers.


Listen and Take Feedback.
Don’t forget the power of face to face interaction. In a physical store, you have the ability to actually meet your customers in person and hear what they have to say. Talk to your customers and find out what they like and don’t like, ask for feedback in person or offer a reward for completing an online survey. Watch for those who are unhappy or unsatisfied and try to rectify the situation. We all know that an unhappy customer will tell far more people about their experience than a happy one. Don’t miss an opportunity to turn a poor experience into a great one.


Make it Memorable.
At some point along the customer’s journey, from finding your website to walking out your door, make sure that they FEEL something. It might be telling them the story behind your business, or peaking their curiosity with a well-designed window display, or offering them a coffee while they’re in the store. Whatever IT is, make sure that it creates a feeling or experience that they will remember.


If you can master even a few of these tips, you might just prompt your customers to get off their couches, out of their desks, away from their computers and return to your store, over and over. Keep in mind that you have weapons unavailable to the online world and use them to your advantage. Make sure you don’t miss Part Two of this article, when we’ll look at how you can also add strategies from online retailers to your arsenal.


If you have any questions regarding the information above or if you would like to discuss getting the right insurance for your business or for personal risk management, our Bullfrog Insurance brokers would be happy to help you out. Contact us today for a free quote!

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