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The business and financial center of Western Canada, Calgary, is one of the strongest economies in all of Canada. Also a leader in technological start-up companies, the city is a strong supporter of small businesses in the office professional sector and beyond.


Small businesses of all kinds thrive in Calgary’s economy. Whether your small business specializes in advertising, engineering or photography, there’s a market for you. Home to over 135 corporate head offices, the highest in Canada, Calgary has the strongest economy in Canada and is the place to be for small businesses in the professional sector. It also doesn’t hurt that Calgary is Western Canada’s transportation and distribution hub giving small businesses a foot up in any industry.

Purchasing an Office Professional Small Business Insurance Policy is Easy.

Simply fill out our short online questionnaire and we instantly provide you with multiple online quotes based on your needs. All small business insurance coverage options are standardized between insurance companies so all you have to do is compare office professional insurance quotes based on price!

We Offer Small Business Insurance Coverage for the Following Segments in Calgary, Alberta (Home Offices or Leased Office Space):
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Here are a Few Other Cities in Alberta Where Bullfrog Provides Contractors Insurance Coverage: 
Snippet of Other Locations Where Bullfrog Currently Offers Office Professional Insurance Coverage in Canada: 

Small businesses need the right business insurance to protect their workers, customers, property and so much more in the event of an accident. Bullfrog Insurance can help keep your company stable and secure when everything else is unpredictable. Our custom plans can include Property Insurance, Commercial General Liability Insurance, Automobile Liability Insurance and even Cyber Event Expense Insurance. The most important thing to us is that you do not experience unforeseen losses due to unexpected events. Every part of your business is vulnerable and Bullfrog Insurance acts like a safety blanket shielding the most sensitive and susceptible areas of your investment.

We know you’re a savvy business owner and that’s why we have an online system that provides you with small business insurance quotes in real time with comparable options so that you can make the best decision based on your needs. Our agents are always available for questions and to provide information because to us customer service is the bottom line. We even have a knowledge hub online so you can see what each type of office professional insurance coverage entails. Bullfrog is committed to providing entrepreneurs with a choice and we could be the right one for you.

Dedicated to offering office professional businesses in Calgary a fast and simple way to shop for commercial insurance coverage online, Bullfrog Insurance is here to help small businesses, like yours, find the right protection for its needs. We understand that as a business owner, you cannot afford setbacks due to unforeseen events or issues. Bullfrog offers you the ability to request, purchase, pay and receive your Calgary office professional insurance quotes and policies in real-time so you can get on with your business and what really matters. Have peace of mind knowing that Bullfrog Insurance brokers have done the business insurance coverage research. We can recommend the best policies you can purchase to protect your company.