Canada Post Workers Vote in Favour of Strike

Canada Post could be going on another strike. This has been going on since early September but Canada Post is officially in a position to begin a strike on September 26th  if their demands are not met. Businesses are buckling down and preparing for disruption from the potential strike. Unionized post workers took part in a strike vote in early September, with the voting only taking place for a few days.

The results of the vote were released to the public on the following Tuesday and an overwhelming number of votes were in favour of the strike. Nearly 94% of urban carriers approved a possible strike, 97% of rural carriers also said they would walk off the job.

With so much technology in our hands these days, it’s no shock that paper products are being used less. Leaving people to believe the myth that mail carriers like Canada Post, CanPar, Purolator, etc. are “outdated”. What about all your online orders? Or when you’re shipping something to a loved one? We need their services more than people think.

The Federal Labour Minister’s office released a statement earlier this month that said, “The minister has appointed federal mediators to assist the parties in their negotiations and encourages both parties to continue their discussions in an effort to reach an agreement and renew their collective agreements.” The deadline for this deal is September 26th , if they cannot come to an agreement by then then there is a high chance there could be a strike or lockout. (Mail, 2018)

Canada Post went on strike back in 2011. If you also remember back in August 2016, it almost happened again. Thankfully an agreement was reached. The idea of a potential strike can cause worry and concern for a lot of people. Especially business owners who relied on mail carriers to ship their products to their customers, they may have to consider using another service that could be more expensive.

In the meantime, the union is apparently telling its workers to stock up on any prescription medications. If a strike or lockout is to happen, their health benefits could be cut off.

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