Keeping Hackers Out


Safeguarding Your Business from Hackers

Small businesses, beware: Your information can easily be accessed by hackers around the world. Cases of security attacks and breaches are serious and can take a serious toll on your business. While it’s suggested that hackers mainly steal usernames and passwords to send spam mail out on social-media accounts, hackers can do a lot more than manipulate your social media page.


To avoid attacks, you can consider small business insurance that specifically aims towards helping your business in the event of being targeted by hackers called Cyber Coverage, but that alone isn’t enough.  Business owners need to be doing all they can to secure their websites, confidential customer information, credit card numbers, and safety.


With 2017 approaching, there’s no better time for small businesses to raise efforts in their cyber security. Here are some ways to protect your business:


Understand the Risk

You can never be too prepared. Understand the internal and external liabilities that can affect your business, different methods and motives of hackers and where your systems have weaknesses.


Keeping Software Up to Date

Update, update, update! When it comes time to update your anti-virus and security software, avoid hitting the “Remind Me Later” notification, take some time and keep it up to date and secure to help avoid potential security threats.


Prepare an Incident Response Plan

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  Having a plan of action in case of a security breach or cyber hack is vital for any business. Make sure all employees are aware, have practiced and know exactly what to do in if they’re ever put in that situation.


As technology and online security keeps on increasing, being protected and prepared have become extremely important for every business. In an online world where everything happens so rapidly, having a plan and being properly informed and prepared can be your businesses first line of defense towards cyber-attacks.  Be sure to visit the Bullfrog Blog often for more tips on commercial general liability insurance, marketing, sales and risk mitigation.




An Important Update About Bullfrog Insurance 

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