Marketing Strategy: Add Blogging To Your Website

Is blogging still a proactive marketing strategy, or is it a waste of time and effort?

The surprising truth is that it’s more important than ever for your business to have an active blog. It’s also extremely important to truly understand how blogging actually works in your overall marketing strategy.

The biggest reason why blogging is still a proactive marketing strategy is that none of us actually own social media. Meaning that we have absolutely no control or say over any of the changes and updates that occur on social media daily.

Examples: Changing algorithms; banning certain types of ads; increase in ad prices; shutting down accounts (accidental or for no reason at all)

Some things are out of our control, but it doesn’t have to be that way when running a blog for your small business.

Content Marketing

Blogging, articles, sharing wisdom, content marketing, it’s all essentially the same thing. All of which have the same purpose, to sustain yourself and your business online. It’s how you build trust, and more importantly, get found.

The issue is that most people still look at blogging as something someone does to express what they did that day or to rant about something on their mind. But it’s not just that, what they aren’t seeing is an amazing marketing tool for their business.  A tool that allows you to establish yourself as an expert and then monetize that expertise.

Once you start to look at blogging as a marketing tool, your overall perception of it will change. You’ll begin to see it as an opportunity to connect with your audiences while also providing them with valuable resources they can use to solve a specific problem.


If someone can’t find you, they probably won’t hire you. This is another reason why blogging is an important part of your marketing and SEO strategy, because your content actually shows up on search engines.

Social media can do a lot for you, but it can’t do this. So, if you’re focused on SEO (which everyone should be), then blogging isn’t lost for you.

You’ll Be Everywhere

With a blog, you and your business can be everywhere. You start with publishing your blog to your website. You then use social media to drive traffic to said blog. Also, you can repurpose the content into something like a podcast or a video and put a link back to your site in the description box.

At the end of the day, we as people consume content in so many different ways, and a blog is just one part of your overall strategy to reach and engage with your audience.

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