What Made You Decide to Become an Entrepreneur?

At what age did you decide to pursue entrepreneurship? Why did you want to become an entrepreneur in the first place? Well, if you care to ask other successful business owners and entrepreneurs, they will surely tell you many different reasons for becoming one.

Some of the reasons why people typically want to start their own entrepreneurial journey and become small business owners include the following:


You Get to Choose Who You Work With/For

When you decide to start your own business, you know that it means that you don’t have to work under power-hungry bosses or incompetent leaders.

If you’re not in good terms with someone or people aren’t treating you with the kind of respect you deserve, you can discontinue your working relationship right there and then. It allows you to choose your partners, your associates, clients and co-workers.

You Can Make a Difference

With becoming an entrepreneur, you get the chance to change the world and change other people’s lives. You’ll have the opportunity to really make the world a better place by finding solutions to common problems.

Not all entrepreneurs take advantage of it but those who do can leave a significant impact in their industry.


Did you know, some entrepreneurs work from home in their pajamas? Yes, it’s possible, and you can do it even every day if you want. There’s no need to go into an office 9am-5pm.

As long as you have a laptop and wifi, what else do you need? Some prefer a steadier schedule, going to local coffee shops or co-working spaces to get work done. If you prefer to wake up late and work from your sofa? That’s doable as well.

Be Yourself

You chose the entrepreneurial lifestyle for a reason; you wanted to take control and find solutions for other’s problems. Through building your business, your soul and heart goes into it.

This isn’t just about the money to a lot of small business owners, and instead, it shows the world who and what kind of person you are.

Try Something New

As an entrepreneur, you can shape your business in any way you deem fit for you. If boredom creeps in, and you start to feel like moving your business in a different direction, this is okay.

Many entrepreneurs try different things all the time. You can pivot and try new projects almost anytime.


The amount of money you’ll make, will often reflect the hours of work you’re putting in. If you treat your business like a hobby, you won’t get paid.

When you make more efforts, more money will follow after. Understand that you probably won’t make a lot of income in the beginning, this is where resilience and persistence plays a factor.

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