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What exactly is professional liability insurance? In Burnaby, any business that performs a professional service or offers professional advice requires this specialized coverage to protect their bottom line.
In some professional industries, this insurance may even be mandatory. Other professions, such as those who work as accountants, technology professionals, graphic designers, advertising agents, etc., may not be mandated to carry professional liability insurance but it is still highly recommended.
Commercial general liability insurance may spare your business from potentially hefty lawsuit costs, but it won’t cover you if your business is sued due to alleged negligence, failure to provide a promised professional service, or omitted information. With professional liability insurance in Burnaby, you can operate your business with peace-of-mind.

FAQs for Burnaby Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you’re a professional sole proprietor or a business owner working with multiple consultants or advisors, professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) is a necessity for protecting your bottom line. Here are some frequently asked questions about professional liability insurance for Burnaby business owners.

How much professional liability insurance coverage does my Burnaby business need?

It can be difficult to select the exact amount of coverage you need for your Burnaby professional liability insurance, especially as purchasing too much or too little insurance can result in you losing money. Having too much insurance means higher premiums, whereas too little insurance could leave you exposed and vulnerable in the event of a claim. Bullfrog Insurance is here to help, but it may benefit you to consider these questions:

  • Can your business afford to pay out-of-pocket to defend itself in a court of law?
  • What is the average cost of lawsuits that your industry faces?
  • How much can you afford to pay for your insurance?
  • How likely is a business in your industry to face a claim?
  • What accidents could occur as a result of your business’ actions or inaction that would cause harm to a third-party or client?

Where can I buy professional liability insurance in Burnaby?

Through Bullfrog Insurance, of course! Our goal is to make insurance as easy and as accessible as possible, which is why we’ve created a way for you to receive quotes standardized between top-rated insurance companies based on price.
All you need to do? Fill out our short online questionnaire, answer the questions regarding what you do, your industry and coverage options, and receive quotes instantly! You even have the option to go straight ahead to purchase. If you need help, enlist one of Bullfrog Insurance’s expert professional liability insurance brokers.

How much does professional liability insurance cost in Burnaby?

There is no one figure to summarize the cost of professional liability insurance in Burnaby, but you can expect that the higher your risk factor, the likelier you are to pay more. Listed below are some of the factors an insurance company will use to calculate your overall price.

  • Industry
  • How likely you are to face a lawsuit
  • Your coverage history
  • Your business experience and history
  • Size of business
  • Staff team
  • The service/advice your business provides
  • Number of clients

Is it required to have professional liability insurance in Burnaby?

With some industries, yes, having professional liability insurance in Burnaby is mandatory. In some cases where it isn’t mandatory, clients could refuse to work with you without proof of valid coverage first. Of course, even if insurance isn’t mandatory in your industry, it’s still highly recommended. You could find yourself facing a lawsuit well over tens of thousands of dollars and be left vulnerable without adequate coverage.

What does professional liability insurance do to protect my business in Burnaby?

Professional liability insurance in Burnaby is designed to protect your Burnaby business from claims of alleged negligence, errors, or omissions causing financial loss to a third-party. Consider the below scenarios as examples of situations where having this coverage could be of benefit to you:

  • Instead of forwarding an email containing sensitive financial data to a client, you forward it to multiple parties – one of which who uses it for malicious intentions.
  • A client perceives your advice to have mislead them and resulted in their financial loss. They sue you for the damages.
    Professional liability insurance can help Burnaby businesses in any of the above situations and more.
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