Accepting Credit Card Payments as a Small Business

If you hope to be competitive in the current marketplace of 2018, you have to start accepting credit card payments. However, a lot of small businesses aren’t as prepared as they should be in order to manage this function.  If you know how to accept credit card payments in a safe and efficient way, this will go a long way towards establishing your business as a successful player in your industry.

Cash vs. Credit

Paying via. Credit card is a more common method of payment than cash. As cash has quickly become less of a feature in point-of-sales transactions, less merchants choose to operate on a cash-only basis. While cash is handy in some scenarios and doesn’t involve any fees, it’s cumbersome in numerous other respects. It has to be properly stored and requires multiple trips to and from the bank.

Benefits of Credit Card Transactions

Besides processing fees, credit card transactions are more efficient and flexible for both your business and your customers. Along with increased sales; leveled playing field towards competition; impulse buys; improved cash flow; eliminated risk of bounce checks.

Different Credit Payment Options

It’s not always as simple as deciding you will now accept credit payments. There’s a number of different ways to accept payments, so you have to pick the best option that’s suitable for you and your business.

Merchant Account – You can now accept payments anywhere: in-store, online, or on the go.

POS System – This combines a merchant account with software and tools that lets you process in-person transactions.

Mobile Payment Processor – For businesses that process only a handful of credit transactions on the go, a mobile payment processor is probably the best option.

Online Payment Gateway – If you do business strictly online, this method is especially useful for businesses that don’t handle a ton of credit card volume or operate in a high-risk industry.

We now all operate in a business universe where credit payments are the norm. If you aren’t accepting credit card payments, you’re inarguably falling behind. Just make sure you prioritize your security and efficient as you transition.


Bullfrog Insurance is excited to announce that we now have payment options that are even more flexible – we now offer MONTHLY payments by credit card!

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