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Looking for general contractor insurance? Your search ends here. Bullfrog Insurance offers commercial insurance to small businesses and can get free quotes online as quickly and as easily as possible. It only takes 90 seconds or less to get a quote from us. Bullfrog Insurance is your provider of choice for general contractor insurance policies that are tailored to suit your business’ specialized requirements.

Bullfrog Insurance Gets You Reliable General Contractor Insurance

What Is It

When you work as a general contractor, you face a huge number of different risks doing work every day on the job. It could be anything: a lawsuit claiming poor workmanship, or a simple workplace slip and suddenly you’re being sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many small businesses could face indefinite closure due to such incidents, and plenty do not want to put themselves in that kind of situation in the first place. By having general contractor insurance, you can protect yourself and your business from these risks.

All businesses need commercial insurance. However, the type of coverage they require, how much, and for what all depends on several different factors. Every business (and every industry) is very different from the next. That’s why your general contractor insurance policy should be as well. When you are a contractor, you face many different risks that other businesses may not even have to think about. Luckily, with Bullfrog Insurance, we provide plenty of different options so that you can select whichever policy you like and purchase it all online. All we need from you is to fill out our quoting form and we will get back to you instantly with an array of different options.

Who Needs It

Is building, fixing, installing or creating your business? If so, then you should know that you face more challenges and risks than a lot of other industries. There are many different hazards contractors are exposed to on the job, from such things as unexpected site injuries to liability claims associated with your work and stolen equipment, anyone who works in contracting needs general contractor insurance. You will want peace of mind while on the job knowing that you have the right coverage at the right price with Bullfrog Insurance.

Who needs general contractor insurance coverage? There are several contracting businesses that might require general contractor insurance, including electricians, sub-contractors, painters, carpenters, plumbers, roofers and more. If you are unsure as to whether your contracting job may require general contractor insurance, get in touch with a Bullfrog Insurance expert today. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding general contractor insurance.

What Does It Cost

What does general contractor insurance cost? Like any commercial insurance policy, it depends. There are many factors which contribute to the calculation of your insurance premiums, many of which specific to the industry in which you operate. Also, different businesses face different risks – period. So, what affects your general contractor insurance cost? Your company’s history, its location, your liability limits, whether you are a high-risk industry, and the size of your company are all factors that are taken into consideration.

Bullfrog Insurance can help. We provide free online general contractor insurance quotes so that you can get a proper assessment on what your premiums will look like. Just fill out the form and our experts will get back to you instantly!

Trust in Bullfrog Insurance for First-Rate Customer Service

Why Bullfrog

Why choose Bullfrog Insurance to help protect your contracting or construction business? It’s better with Bullfrog because we believe that getting insurance solutions should not take days (or even weeks). We believe that getting protection for your business should be quick and simple. The only thing we require from you is that you fill out a short quoting form and we will get back to you instantly with multiple competitive general contractor insurance quotes from some of Canada’s best insurance providers. From there, you can choose what policy you would like best for your business and buy it then and there – all from wherever you are currently because the process can be done entirely online. Afterwards, your policy will be sent to your inbox in a matter of a few minutes.

For when you need insurance to help protect your small business, Bullfrog Insurance is an online brokerage that can get you just that. We offer dozens of areas small business insurance throughout Canada in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

How Do I Get It

If you are looking for general contractor insurance, your search ends here. Purchase your policy online through multiple different options and receive it in your inbox within minutes. At Bullfrog Insurance, we make the process of obtaining quotes simple and quick; after all, getting protection should be easy. Typically, you would purchase your general contractor insurance through an insurance broker who would find quotes from a variety of different insurance providers on your behalf. But this can take days – even weeks to do. Bullfrog can get you a quote in 90 seconds or less. Get started by filling out a form online with us today.

Get a Quote

When you are a general contractor, insurance is a must; you can’t afford to have unexpected setbacks on the job. With Bullfrog, getting a general contractor insurance policy is as easy as can be.

We get it: the insurance process can be tedious. We have made it a goal at Bullfrog Insurance to cut the time it takes to get a quote in half and the procedure can be done entirely online. If you are a contractor or sub-contractor, you are dedicated to managing your work projects and providing excellent service to your clients. Start getting protected from all unpredicted holdups with a general contractor insurance quote. Just fill out a form online and get your quote instantaneously from multiple competitive insurance companies.

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Where we offer

Locations where we currently offer general contractor insurance in Canada:
  • Alberta
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Lethbridge
    • Red Deer
  • British Columbia
    • Burnaby
    • Richmond
    • Surrey
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
  • Ontario
    • Brampton
    • Hamilton
    • Mississauga
    • Ottawa
    • Toronto

Why our customers love Bullfrog

Our customers love Bullfrog because we make insurance simple. Do it quickly online yourself or talk to one of our knowledgeable insurance brokers. We’re responsive and professional and our insurance coverage is quality and competitively priced.

G. Lauzon

I love dealing with Bullfrog Insurance. Their account executives are very knowledgeable and think outside the box. Service is super fast too. Thanks Bullfrog!

Sev Michaels

White Lilac INC.

Thank you so much for your assistance, you made the process so painless. I have contacted other brokers before and they made it so complicated. Also, you were far more efficient!

An Important Update About Bullfrog Insurance

Please be aware that due to a change in our operations, Bullfrog Insurance has made the difficult decision to start winding down our business. This means we are no longer accepting new clients.

Are you an existing Bullfrog Insurance client? Rest assured that your coverage remains valid, and you’ll continue to be protected up until your policy expiry date. Watch your inbox for more details from our team.