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Business Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Whether your Real Estate business requires website developers to advertising firms, Bullfrog Insurance is here to help protect your business. Bullfrog Insurance is here to provide you and your small business with reliable insurance or protection against possible risks that may impact your business’ growth and success.

In as little as 90 seconds you can get an insurance quote and purchase the right insurance policy for your small business. By ensuring protection against vulnerable circumstances, you are taking the necessary steps to equip you and your small business with security and peace of mind.

Getting Real Estate Agent Insurance in 5 Minutes or Less

Bullfrog makes getting real estate agent insurance quotes easier and quicker than ever:

  • Fill out the field with your occupation.
  • Provide your contact info and postal code.
  • Tell us about what you do.
  • Choose your policy.
  • View your quotes!

This process is quick and straightforward – you could do it in your lunchbreak.

A Real Estate Agent Insurance FAQ:

As a do-it-all real estate agent, insurance may not be something you want to spend hours searching for. With Bullfrog, you can tell us about your business, select coverage, and view quotes in only a few minutes. But what if there is something about your coverage you aren’t sure about, or you don’t think you have the time to become an insurance expert?

Bullfrog’s experts are here to help. Below we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about real estate agent insurance. If there is something you want answered not addressed here, give us a call.

What are the real estate agent insurance requirements?

Like any occupation, working as a real estate agent or broker comes with its own set of risks and exposures. As a real estate professional, you need insurance. In many provinces in Canada, real estate agent professionals are required to carry errors and omissions.

For real estate agents, this means a bare minimum for fraud coverage. Insurance provides essential protection for both you, your customers, and your livelihood as a real estate professional. Generally, real estate agents should hold a policy of no less than $1 million professional liability.

How much does real estate agent insurance cost?

No one number will summarize how much every real estate agent or broker pays for their insurance. The cost of your insurance is dependent on your business, the work you do, and more. You may be able to discuss with a Bullfrog representative for ways you can save on insurance – without sacrificing any necessary coverage.

On average, your premiums for real estate agent insurance may cost between $529 to $729 annually. The amount you pay is specific to you and your business. If you are unsure of what impacts the cost of your insurance, discuss with a member of the Bullfrog team today.

Do I need errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents?

Errors & omissions insurance for real estate agents is a necessity in many provinces and you will likely not be able to do work without it. It can protect you if a client perceives you to have made an error on the job or omitted vital information. As a real estate agent, you need to ensure you are maintaining a certain standard of service. Mistakes can happen – and they can be costly. Real estate e&o insurance can help cover your losses if something goes wrong.

E & O Insurance for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agent e&o insurance is mandatory in most provinces and you may not be able to do work without it. Lawsuits can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars, which many professionals may not be able to recover from.

The following may be included in your real estate e&o insurance.

  • Misleading or deceiving information
  • Statutory breaches (only some)
  • Negligence when providing services
  • Inattention to property maintenance

Being a real estate agent or broker is rarely easy and buying or selling a property can be difficult. You are held to a certain standard when working with clients, which means you run the risk of having dissatisfied clients if there should be an error or mistake providing service. Risk management is a necessity to ensuring you keep your business going, but errors and omissions insurance for real estate agents can help to cover you if a mistake should happen.

Where we offer

Locations where we currently offer real estate agent insurance in Canada:
  • Alberta
    • Calgary
    • Edmonton
    • Lethbridge
    • Red Deer
  • British Columbia
    • Burnaby
    • Richmond
    • Surrey
    • Vancouver
    • Victoria
  • Ontario
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    • Mississauga
    • Ottawa
    • Toronto

Why our customers love Bullfrog

Our customers love Bullfrog because we make insurance simple. Do it quickly online yourself or talk to one of our knowledgeable insurance brokers. We’re responsive and professional and our insurance coverage is quality and competitively priced.

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An Important Update About Bullfrog Insurance 

Please be aware that due to a change in our operations, Bullfrog Insurance has made the difficult decision to start winding down our business. This means we are no longer accepting new clients. 

Are you an existing Bullfrog Insurance client? Rest assured that your coverage remains valid, and you’ll continue to be protected up until your policy expiry date. Watch your inbox for more details from our team.