Black Friday kicks off holiday sales season


With Black Friday coming up, it’s the most wonderful time of the year — for sales!  The season of giving brings celebration and time with friends and family.  For business owners however, it also brings a special type of Holiday jingle ringing in the “festive sales season,” which is soon-to-be-here.  While we all know about the frenzy and crowds of Black Friday sales, as a business owner it is important to recognize that Black Friday is just the start of a whole season of exciting opportunities!  The Holiday season brings with it a boost of sales before year-end and an opportunity to make new customer connections over eggnog and events.  Whether you operate year-round or seasonally, the Holiday’s bring a number of festive ways to connect with your customer.

  1. Create a Holiday Newsletter

Hopefully, you’ve already got an email newsletter going out. However, the Holiday season gives you a great opportunity to get creative with your festive messaging and promote featured products, services or sales over the Christmas season.  If you’re offering any discounts or plan to host a Holiday event, this is one of the best ways to get it in front of your customer!  Keep in mind the varying holiday celebrations your customers might follow.

  1. Host a Holiday Event

Hosting a holiday event can be an incredible way to gather the community and establish new customer relationships. Whether you keep it local or advertise it out on social media at global scale, the key is to tie it in with your products or services in some way.  Holiday events are a great opportunity to network and build brand awareness with your community. After all, it is the season to drink and be merry.

  1. Run a Holiday Challenge

Holiday Challenges can be a great way to inject a sense of fun and build engagement around your products and services. Incorporating year-end business objectives around a specific product, service or goal can give you that last push needed to end the year off with a bang.  More than that, challenges are a great way to build a sense of community with your audience and gives the opportunity to make new positive connections with your brand or business.

  1. Send Personal Notes

Keeping in touch during the holiday season is a great relationship-building skill for both clients and customers. The nostalgia of personal notes really adds that something special. You can send these through post, email or video.  Keep in mind that if you choose to go above and beyond personal notes by exchanging small tokens or gifts, take appropriate caution. Companies usually have policies around gift-giving to clients or customers. Do some research and review the best course of action for your industry.


  1. Create festive social media posts

The timeliness and casualty of social media can give your Holiday messaging a boost of fun and moment of connection. On top of that, the creative opportunities are endless when targeting your communications around a specific season. This is where your brand messaging can especially have some fun.  Creating festive social media posts that leave behind the warm and fuzzies taps into the emotional resonance we all want to feel during this Holiday season.  Whether it’s from a business perspective or not, it’s no doubt that the Holiday’s bring a great opportunity to make new connections, cultivate a sense of community and come together. Use this season to reach your customers in new and creative ways and ring in the end of the year on a high note.

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