Canada Post Strike – Is Your Business Ready?

Talks Between Canada Post and the 51,000 Postal Union Members have stalled – is your business prepared?


Just when you thought it was safe to ship those time-sensitive documents, the headlines have begun to emerge.  Canada Post talks between management and the 51,000 postal union members have stalled suggesting that a strike may be approaching.  While many may shrug and say they don’t use the traditional mail system anymore, for a business the impacts can range from mild to massive.  Taking action to mitigate against the uncertainty and risks a strike can pose to your business could save you significant time and money – not to mention help to avoid frustration!


As a first measure, if you’re not already doing so – encourage your clients and your employees to be as digital as possible.  Use email instead of mail, market your products on the web instead of with drop mail and feature your company’s products and services on a website instead of in physical documents such as brochures.  If you’re organization has multiple locations intercompany communications should be digital as well.  You can share documents, ideas and artifacts through the use of online tools such as DropBox, Google Drive or slack.


Many organizations have no choice but to ship products however.  If you are one such company, now may be a good time to explore alternatives to Canada Post to ensure availability and timeliness of services.  We all know of FedEx, UPS and Purolator Courier, but for local shipping, you may have smaller courier options which work just as well.  As well, if the costs of other shipping services are excessive or your shipments are not time-sensitive, now is the time to let customers know that a strike may be approaching and delays may occur.


It’s also very important for business owners to recognize that there may also be other impacts to them if they receive their bills or their payments by mail.  If so, now is a good time to prepare by setting up online billing and online bill payments to minimize potential impacts to their business


While most of this is common sense, it’s also the sort of thing we don’t think of until we need to.  Business insurance can be the same – we only think of it when we have an unforeseen issue.  By going to bullfrog insurance you can get a quote and buy coverage in a mere 90 seconds.  That way you can get back to your business and prepare for potential issues like postal strikes!

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