Here’s What You Can Do to Adjust Your SEO

It’s 2018, SEO has changed. There’s no more keyword stuffing, no more spamming the search engines, getting anxious over this word and that word has become a huge waste of time. But the problem is that some people still believe that there’s nothing they can do on the page to improve the returns they see from search engines. This isn’t true at all. Here’s how to can rearrange your on-page content to ensure its search engine friendly and ready to capture potential leads.

Keyword Research: Putting Your Website in Front of the Correct Eyeballs

You have to begin by laying down the foundation for all of your on-page SEO efforts. This means doing your research. Keywords and key phrases that are effective are the ones that your potential leads and clients are currently inputting into the web. There are many different keyword research strategies out there. Many marketers will even pay for Google AdWords and similar tools just to get information, that’s how seriously they take keyword research.

Remember to always keep in mind that keyword research is the foundation of everything you’ll use when it comes to your SEO, so it’s worth the time taking to mine those golden nuggets.

Make Your Content Specific

Think about it, you have title tags, keywords, and descriptions to write. Headlines. Sentences. Alt text. There’s plenty of space to use to demonstrate who you are, what you do and who you serve. A generalized keyword or phrase isn’t going to get you noticed by the search engine – not enough to put you in the top 30, let alone top 10. You’ll also have more relevance reaching audiences who are specifically looking for your type of business.

Some ways you can enhance the specificity of your online content is location, specific services offered, unique content and combinations. This isn’t to say that you need to stuff your on-page content with keywords necessarily. But you should always be aware of putting these items on the page to get the specific attention you need from search engines.

Manage Your Expectations

You won’t make it to the first page of Google for “Insurance” by just including that keyword on your site. You’re competing with some of the biggest insurance names on the internet for that spot. Sites with very large marketing budgets and SEO experts have plenty of money to throw at drawing in business organically. But this doesn’t mean you have to exclude yourself and never try to optimize your on-site content.

Managing your expectations by putting in the work required to find those potential clients who are searching for something a little more specific. The harder you work on your online presence, the more results you’ll see. You’ll start to see old blog posts gain traction in search engine results, the valuable stuff you put online doesn’t just affect your online presence for one day. It keeps going.

Now this won’t all happen overnight. If your business is lagging in the SEO department, make improvements, edit and get a second opinion online. Overall, you’ll find that there’s a lot more that you can do to your page than you thought.

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