How is the cost of your business insurance determined?

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Have you ever wondered why your business insurance price is what it is?  Why one business pays more than another or vice versa?  Insurance can be confusing and it can be difficult to understand how insurance companies decide on your premium.

At Bullfrog Insurance we believe that “insurance without the bull” is about helping business owners understand more about insurance so they can make informed decisions and get the best coverage for the best price.That’s why we’re always watching for trends in the insurance industry and communicating with our customers to help them get the best coverage for the best possible price. Our research and experience shows insurance companies develop their pricing based on several factors. A few factors which affect pricing are the economy, domestic and international events, and claims experience.

By understanding how such factors affect your insurance premium you will be more prepared and more aware of trends which can help you save.Insurance companies are constantly analyzing and evaluating their risks and this affects everyone including business owners.

When you consider the significant natural disasters that have hit Canada this spring, the current economic environment along with international political instability, getting a quote and buying your business insurance today is a smart way to save. Business owners are always navigating through changes and unexpected surprises but insurance does not have to be one of them.  By having a broker like Bullfrog Insurance you will be better informed and more prepared.

Make the move to Bullfrog Insurance today and save.


An Important Update About Bullfrog Insurance 

Please be aware that due to a change in our operations, Bullfrog Insurance has made the difficult decision to start winding down our business. This means we are no longer accepting new clients. 

Are you an existing Bullfrog Insurance client? Rest assured that your coverage remains valid, and you’ll continue to be protected up until your policy expiry date. Watch your inbox for more details from our team.