Do You Need Third Party Public Relations Assistance?

Freshly launched start-ups don’t necessarily need third-party public relations assistance… yet. Here’s why:

Always Include a Call to Action

With or without public relations assistance, your business can go viral over your ads, but if they don’t include a CTA then they may not help your business at all and could just be a waste of money. Make sure you know what people are doing when they land on your page, whether they complete the desired action or not.

Keep them Interested

Know that most of the general public won’t find your company interesting. Therefore, you must draw a clear line between content that is intended to share information with your employees, shareholders and customers and then content intended to generate leads.

Use Your Data

Use your data to become part of a larger story. Since most businesses collect data on their customers, a solid knowledge of all that information will make a small business owner into a potential source.

Build Good Relations 

Use your megaphone or develop good relations with contacts. Another basic point that’s often missed, business owners should remember to thank other businesses for mentions, share their work with fans, and ask readers/bloggers to subscribe to newsletters. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll find hundreds of people have your back when you want to promote new content.

Get Back Up

Be ready to accept failure, especially on the content front. You could put everything you have into new content, but sometimes it’s just not what your subscribers or customers want to see and that’s okay!


Again, good primer for those tasked with basic public relations functions. But do you agree that most small businesses are better off doing this work themselves rather than hiring, say, a boutique firm?

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