Personalization Tools to Help With Customer Engagement

Engaging customers is absolutely crucial when it comes to achieving marketing success – increasing customer engagement should be one of your number one goals. But the problem is that some marketers also say that increasing customer engagement as their number one challenge. Thankfully there are tools and applications that can help you tackle this challenge, let’s take a look at these two:


This tool is designed to help marketers continually improve their businesses customer experience. The platform enables users to A/B test different parts of their company’s website to help work towards the best user experience possible. It’s a simpler way to experiment with changes on a website without going through a full development cycle. In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to understand that there are no magic beans to increase engagement. But there are ways to achieve optimal engagement rates by testing different UX options – which Optimizely can do.

Campaign Monitor

A professional-grade email marketing tool that will help you focus on personalization and automation to engage customers on a 1:1 basis. This tool comes with pre-built mobile ready email templates, integrations with 3rd party business apps like Salseforce CRM along with award winning 24/7 customer support. These customer journeys are pre-designed emails where each email is sent based on how a customer interacts with the previous email. By combining customer journeys with dynamic content, this information can be used to automatically send different content to each audience segment. Which then determines which type of email individual subscribers receive in the future.

Whether you decide to look more into one of these tools, or combine them both to help your small business – you’ll have everything you need to start improving your customer engagement rates. Be sure to visit the Bullfrog Blog often for more tips on productivity, marketing and risk mitigation. While you’re here, click below to get a quote!

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