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Productivity Apps to be thankful for this Thanksgiving

While we love turkey as much as the next pond resident, we believe there is a lot more to be thankful for; family, health, a prosperous business and smartphones!  With Google and Apple bringing out new devices faster than you can say “hop to it”, its hard to keep track of all the great capabilities – it’s almost as complex as insurance!  That’s why we’ve compiled some terrific information about the various types of productivity apps that help boost efficacy of those who have a lot to do and little time to do it.

  • Personal assistant:

For iOS phones, there is Siri. Siri is Apple’s A.I. assistants and is the most well-known app of its kind. Siri can make reservations to restaurants for you; can do all commonly processed equations; can post on your social media simply by telling her what to say; and more. For Windows phones, there is Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft’s offering and is based off of the A.I. assistant character of the same name from their critically acclaimed Halo video game series. Cortana can match human speech with realistic tonal inflections and even sing; set reminders for people (as well as locations); perform remote actions on your PC, and more.

  • Note takers

Microsoft has created a very robust note taking app that goes by the name OneNote. OneNote can do video & audio recording, note templates, real-time note sharing capabilities, and more. This frequently updated application as well, leading there to be a constant influx of new features. OneNote is available for all platforms and is entirely free.

  • Task managers

One great task manager is named 30/30. 30/30 is an app where you set up a length of time for each task.  The app starts a timer, and tells you when to move from one task to the next. This forces you to correctly utilize your time when you set it by letting you know what you should be doing and how much time you have left in order to complete it. The app is unobtrusive and sports a clean UI that uses gestures instead of a button. It also has other very useful features such as synchronization among all iCloud devices and stackable lists.

  • Cloud storage

There are several cloud storage options, however not all of them are focused on the end-goal of increasing productivity. On the side of cloud storage apps that are productivity-focused Google Drive is a strong option. Google Drive is very useful because it not only provides storage, but also connects to Google Docs. This allows you to view, edit, and share documents for viewing and collaboration online easily; all the while being interconnected to a fast and safe cloud storage option..

  • Increasing self productivity

Eternity time log is an excellent example of a self productivity application; note that it is iOS exclusive however. Eternity time log tracks how you spend your time and gives you analytics for you to better understand your productivity. You can use this data to make adjustments and improve yourself. This app is able to be connected and synchronized to cloud services through the use of add-ons as well.

  • Automation

Macrodroid is an Android app that allows you to make your own macros to customize your smartphone experience and speed up operations on your phone. The app can make your phone do quick media uploads, read text, and more through custom set actions.

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