ROI Tips for Your Social Media Platforms

One of the best places to get a conversation started is social media. But the question is, how do you turn that conversation into one that meets your marketing and financial goals? Here are some tips on how to turn your social media activity into a better ROI for your business.

Landing Page

Your landing page is the first thing your customer sees and they are useful for two specific reasons: they give you an easy way to measure how well you’re doing in each channel, and they help you create a more personal relationship with your followers.

Your social proof (number of followers/likes) should be included on your landing page, along with links to your products and services and contact details.

Start from The End

The hottest tip for measuring social media ROI is to start from the end. Let your goals and objectives tell you which steps you need to take to activate social. If you try to be everywhere and do everything you’ll probably end up doing nothing.

In addition, when measuring your goals and objectives, split the results into hard and soft numbers. Soft being your social engagement metrics, likes and followers. Hard being clicks to the site, new leads and new customers


Always keep your social media channels updated. Change your image, with the new year fast approaching now is the best time to do this. Using photos is a great way to showcase your brands personality. Also, showing a consistent cover photo across all your social media platforms reinforces branding and makes it easier for your customers to connect with you.

Call to Action

While there are a lot of things a marketer can do, one of the most important things a marketer can do to track social media ROI is to incorporate a call to action. We can’t always assume people will act on their own. Lead potential prospects to take the next step. Ensure that you have a way to measure these results to each specific CTA and provide appropriate landing pages.

Paid Social Media Ads

Finally, paid social media ads lead to 25% more conversions than organic social. Typically twitter sees the largest discrepancy between conversion rates, with users more than twice as likely to convert via paid ads.


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