Super Bowl Advertising for Small Businesses: Good or Bad?

It’s that time of year again, with more than 100 million viewers, it’s Super Bowl season. For small businesses, with a reach this big, is a 30-second spot really worth $5+ million? Probably not to be honest. Unless your brand needs to flex its muscles against its super-spending competitors, there isn’t a whole lot of practical value involved in paying that amount for just a single advertisement.

Don’t Be Just Another Face in The Crowd

On the most eventful Sunday of the year, given the deluge of commercials, performances and big plays that occur – it’s hard to make a lasting impact on the minds of consumers. Unless your brand is able to deliver a commercial that’s so over the top and super memorable, it’s not going to be impactful enough to make spending that amount worth it. Whether your trying to raise your brands awareness or compete with the major corporations and ad agencies, it’s best to be prepared to overspend on a marketing company that inflates the value of its products and services.

With 100 million plus viewers, how many of these people are within your target demographic? Unless there is a call to action, which could likely detract from the appeal of your ad, you won’t be able to see any tangible gains from this sort of investment.

At the end of the day, what is the likelihood of your add being remembered and translating into thousands of new customers? Splurging on a super bowl ad spot, to most, it just not worth it from a business standpoint. If you want to impress, it will certainly accomplish that goal, but the overall return of investment is minimal.

Impactful Marketing Ideas

There are other ways to reach the super bowl audience via a different platform. Brainstorm a social media strategy well before the game airs. Sit down and plan out which platforms you’d like to use, any products or services you want to tie into the game, how you’ll monitor and use the accounts before, during, and after the game.

Tweeting about the biggest ads and plays from your businesses Twitter account, using the appropriate hashtags can gain more attention.

You can build your brand in a much more organic and effective manner by targeting smaller events. It may be no Super Bowl, but your ROI will be significantly higher. Do some research and see what your target demographic may be watching or doing and spend your marketing budget better.

Overall, you need to be realistic. Don’t try to go over the top on one single event because everyone else is doing it. Spread out your marketing efforts and try to appeal to only your potential customers. Your business is more likely to benefit from saving money and relying on a small targeted marketing campaign.

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