Unengaged Email Subscribers? It’s Time to Clean Out Your List

Everyone knows that your email subscribers are important to your business. Having that list is a fantastic source to help market yourself, your business, share promotions, and keep your customers informed and up to date.

However, having a large email list is great – but it isn’t enough. If a lot of those subscribers aren’t engaged, then it could actually hurt you in the future. So before you decide that bigger is better, figure out how to get the most out of your current, engaged subscribers.

Effectiveness in the Future

A good open rate will always bode well for your small business. When you have a large engaged email list, future subscribers will be more likely to see your emails as well.  However, if people aren’t opening them or engaged at all – it’ll raise some red flags.

Many main email providers like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo typically use filters that “score” your email. If you tend to have a lot of unopened emails, that’ll change your reputation in the scoring algorithm.

They could be filtered to the “Promotions” tab or moved to somewhere unimportant – which means less people see them.

By increasing sophistication in your email inboxes, it’s always important for you to keep up. Meaning getting rid of email subscribers that haven’t opened an email in a few months.


Flagged as Spam

When it comes to your email list, being marked as “spam” could cause a lot of issues. If you keep sending to unengaged email addresses, over time eventually some are going to mark your emails as spam/junk.

By going through and removing them before they remove you or mark you as spam, could help you further down the road.

Even though people are signing up for your emails, eventually they’re going to get tired of the volume of emails coming into their inboxes. Most will just simply unsubscribe and move on. Others will just mark your emails as spam, making your “reputation” drop and emails are less deliverable.

Stay ahead and on top of unengaged email subscribers, it could definitely help you out down the road.


Engaged Email Subscribers

These are the people you want to build solid, ongoing relationships with. Going through your email list will give you the chance to focus more on engaged subscribers who are more likely to click and open your email campaigns, follow through and convert.


The size of your email list isn’t as important as engagement. Adjust your message, target those who are most likely to benefit from what your business is offering, and overall have a better experience and return for your email marketing dollar!


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