What Your Company’s Social Media is Missing

You’re a sociable person. Heck, you couldn’t run a business without being a little bit sociable. Finding clients, leads and making the necessary connections to run a business requires all kinds of social skills.

Or maybe if you’re new to your small business’s social media and you’re struggling to get traction or social media engagement.

Whatever your opinion might be, you’re still reading this because you recognize that there’s an issue – fortunately, the fixes are easier than you thought!


Compelling Social Media

You have to ask yourself what’s compelling about your business – what do you do differently? How can you make your social media reflect that?

One of the most obvious symptoms that your social media isn’t compelling as it could be is the lack of engagement.

Do you get a lot of “likes” on Facebook and Instagram? Do you get a lot of “Retweets” on Twitter?

If you’ve answered no to just those two, then there are definitely areas in which you can improve your online presence.


Defining Your Presence

What is compelling about the services you offer? Start by thinking about things from your customers’ perspective. Once you know your target market, with this knowledge you can create a social media strategy that matters to them!



If you go ahead and share one comment or article post on social media, you can expect to get maybe a little engagement but not a lot of growth.

One of the most common and best ways to help enhance your engagement isn’t to post once in a while. It’s better to spread it over time continually so that people know that you’re alive and well!

You can use tools like Hootsuite to do all the work at once, spreading out and scheduling individual posts and tweets so that your engagement stays consistent!

Timing is everything and lead generation is oftentimes a numbers game. As long as you create a good strategy, remain consistent, you can use social media as a tool to grow both your business and brand recognition!


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