Why You Need to Set up Automatic Email Replies

Usually when you go on vacation, you have an automatic email reply set up. Letting the recipient know how long you will be away for, who they can contact in case of an emergency or if it’s something urgent. But, something that is helpful to freelancers, solopreneurs, anyone that is just buried in emails. There is a simple way to cut back on responding – setting up automatic email replies.

Daily Auto-Reply Message

One option is to think about setting up an auto-reply email that goes out on a regular basis to specific email addresses. It’s simple but it will help make responding to emails more manageable and potentially assist clients in the right direction until you can respond to them personally.

Based on the types of requests you tend to receive most often, create your email in a way that may give the recipient exactly what they were looking for. It could be something as simple as letting them know how soon you will get back to them. Also, you can indirectly point them to your social media pages or website for further information.

Ward Off Unwanted Requests

You may receive emails from people offering you opportunities that just aren’t a fit for your small business. When receiving a high volume of these kinds of emails, it can get difficult to manage them all.

If you already have stated on your website that you do not accept certain types of requests, yet are receiving emails anyways – nicely echo that you do not accept them again. Otherwise, if you don’t respond they will follow up multiple times. It’s easier for you and the recipient involved to get a message out right away with an auto-reply message.


Sometimes people emailing you are looking to take action as soon as possible. By customizing your auto-reply, it can be useful to help point those in the right direction. Whether it be setting up an appointment, putting them in contact with a specific person, or to get more information on something. An auto-reply is the quickest way to get them the information needed.

Overall, eliminating some of the unnecessary back and forth that sometimes comes from individually responding. Setting up an auto-reply email can benefit your business, and both you and the recipients time.

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