Is Your Personality Affecting Your Business?

Have you ever witnessed a disturbance between a business owner and a customer? Whether intentional or not, it’s an unfortunate occurrence typically resulting in the loss of a customer and causing them to speak to others about the disappointing experience.


No small business owner wants to come off as rude, providing poor customer service or making their customers uncomfortable so to avoid it all, business owners must pay attention to how their personalities could be affecting their business. It could mean the difference between a success or a failure to your business.


The Extrovert

Extroverts are great at customer service, but don’t usually do well in confined areas. They also don’t thrive in jobs where there is little to no interaction with other people. As an extrovert, you like to talk through problems. Plus, you usually do well working in high energy atmospheres as well as situations where you can work with others. Extroverts make great fitness club managers.


The Introvert

Opposite of the extrovert, introverts tend to think about problems and solutions themselves before talking about it with others. Most introverts would rather work alone then in a group, also not sharing what they are thinking unless they are asked.  Introverts make excellent software developers.


Detail Oriented

Well organized, good at keeping records of things and you tend to solve problems down to the tiniest of details. However, detail oriented people may have trouble envisioning the bigger picture sometimes and solve problems using a step-by-step or analytical approach.  These types of people are terrific accountants.


Hands-On Manager

This necessarily isn’t a bad thing, it means you are willing to do the same jobs as your employees, showing that you are a team player and are not above working in the ranks. However, be careful that you are not displaying a lack of trust in your employees by doing things yourself rather than trusting them to do it themselves. You must let them do their jobs, make mistakes, correct them, and learn.


Hands-Off Manager

Obviously, this type of manager is on the other end of the scale from the hands-on manager. If you take the hands-off approach to management, you are willing to stay focused on the larger picture and let someone else handle the fine details. This can be problematic however, if you don’t have people working with you who can handle this type of environment.


The good news is none of these personality traits are right or wrong! It’s valuable however to consider your personality in the context of your business to figure out which situations or issues you are best suited to handle and which ones are best left to others.


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