Many workers made the transition from office-based jobs to temporary work-from-home situations at the onset of COVID-19. Now, many have nestled permanently into their home-based offices enjoying perks like reduced time to-and-from the office and more flexible schedules.

While there’s plenty of work-from-home perks if you run a small business, there are also some things to consider, including if your home insurance will cover your business.

This is where home-based small business insurance comes into play. A home-based insurance policy ensures that all Ontario business operations that cause injury or damages are covered. Your standard home insurance will exclude coverage for business property and activities causing damages – making it even more important that you acquire a separate small business insurance policy.


What insurance should you get when starting a business?

Insurance for small businesses in Ontario may differ depending on the needs of your business. As a rule of thumb, small business insurance in Ontario should include some level of commercial general liability, but the industry you’re in, the type of work you do, your employees, etc., will affect your needs and coverage requirements.

If you aren’t sure, Bullfrog Insurance’s small business insurance brokers in Ontario are always ready to help you out.

Some coverages to consider for your home-based business insurance in Ontario include:


Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance protects your home-based business against property damage or bodily injury claims pertaining to your business’ activities, services or even products. It also covers you for accidents that occur on your business premise that your standard personal property policy wouldn’t cover. This is the most base form of coverage and highly recommended.

Business Property Insurance

While your home itself is protected by your personal property insurance policy, it may not include coverage for any contents pertaining to your business. This goes for inventory, office supplies, special electronics, equipment, client property and more. If you were to go to a public event, your business property insurance may also provide coverage to your belongings while you’re away from your home office.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you offer a special service or advice, you may be required to carry professional liability insurance. Businesses that face specialized risks (that could potentially result in expensive lawsuits over claims of negligence or errors and omissions) should consider this coverage.


Discuss additional Ontario small business insurance options with a Bullfrog Insurance broker, who can help you based on your personal circumstances.


How much insurance coverage should you have if you have a home business?

If you’re wondering how much insurance you need in Ontario, the answer can vary. There are a few things to consider, including:

  • Your business size
  • Industry
  • Your home
  • Employees
  • Experience
  • Your insurance history
  • If clients visit your home

If you run a professional business (i.e., a law firm, medical service, etc.), you may be required to carry some form of professional liability insurance as a part of your industry’s regulations.

Your coverage limits are specific to your business. Apply for a quick quote or discuss with Bullfrog Insurance’s friendly brokers for more information based on your circumstances.


How much does home-based business insurance in Ontario cost?

The cost of home-based business insurance in Ontario varies depending on your business, where you’re located, your experience, claims history, and so on.

Ontario business insurance also comes in many forms, so it can depend on the coverage options you choose as well.

Bullfrog Insurance works hard to find you affordable rates for less, and it only takes a few minutes to get a quote and purchase your policy. Home-based businesses need comprehensive, customizable coverage, just like any other business. Get hassle-free coverage with Bullfrog Insurance today.

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