Federal Tax Reform Proposals: DAS Legal Can Help

The controversial tax-reform proposals have been sweeping the internet the last couple of months. The federal government has a plan to address the use of some common tax-management tools for private corporations. But how much will these changes cost small businesses?


In the federal proposals, there are 3 main changes being discussed:

  1. To limit the spreading of income and capital gains among family members associated with the corporation.
  2. To prevent a corporation from investing in passive assets using corporate after-tax earnings.
  3. To ensure that capital-gain tax treatment cannot be used in taking out corporate earnings in lieu of taxable dividends.


If you are concerned at all with whether or not your small business will be impacted by these changes to the federal tax laws, DAS Legal is here to help. They offer an Elite Package that has coverage for Tax Protection. After you have filed your taxes, if you happen to get audited and informed by the CRA that you owe any additional taxes because they did not comply properly with the new tax laws. DAS Legal will assign you a tax lawyer to work with you and your accountant (if applicable) to represent you with the CRA.


There is a $500 tax protection deductible, but DAS Legal will cover all of the reasonable and necessary costs incurred by the appointed representative, this includes any of the additional expenses and disbursements such as experts’ fees, court fees, and reports. If you are audited DAS Legal will cover you.


Still have questions? As a DAS policyholder, feel free to call their helpline with any general legal questions before filing a claim – 1-877-255-4269. Policies start at $175+ tax per year, for more information click here.


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Grenfell Tower Fire: Do You Have a Fire Safety Plan?

Make Sure You Have an Emergency Response Plan 


A deadly overnight fire raced through a 24-storey apartment building in London last Wednesday. While details regarding the cause of the fire are beginning to come in, it is an unfortunate reminder that a fire can break out anywhere, at any time with no warning signs.


When it comes to your small business, it is important to remember that it is also susceptible to fires and numerous potential hazards. Whether it is an overloaded circuit, over used and deteriorating electrical cords, heat producing equipment or electrical appliances left plugged in at the end of the day, there are a host of factors that can cause a fire in the workplace. The first step in protecting your employees from injury, and your small business from property loss, is to ensure an emergency response plan is in place.


Not sure where to start or what to include in your small business’ emergency response plan? Click Here or on the image below to download a basic version of an emergency response outline.


Emergency Response Plan Outline



It’s important to modify and fill in the document to reflect your business and how it is conducted. As some industries may face more risks than others, there are additional sections that may need to be added to your small business’ emergency response plan.


In addition to your emergency response plan, the items below should also be completed/indicated and reviewed on a regular basis:

  • Exit locations are clearly marked
  • Emergency procedures should be posted on each floor
  • Review emergency procedures on a regular basis with all employees
  • Conduct fire drills on a regular basis with all employees


Keep in mind that all aspects of your emergency planning should take into account the type of business you run and the nature of your workplace/worksite. For example, assembly area procedures will differ between a contracting business that works on different job sites, versus a retail business where the location is constant.

As the owner/employer you should be ensuring that a properly tailored emergency response plan is in place and up to date, whether it is run by you or an appointed member of management.


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PaymentEvolution and Bullfrog Insurance Announce Instant Access to Payroll and Business Insurance



Toronto, Canada – March 1, 2016

Small Businesses Can Activate Payroll and Get Business Insurance in 90 Seconds

Canada’s most loved cloud payroll and payments service, PaymentEvolution and the award winning insurance brokerage Bullfrog Insurance have teamed up to provide Canadian small businesses with near instant access to payroll and business insurance.

The companies are working together to remove the common barriers small business owners face when trying to run their business. Getting adequate insurance coverage for their business would often take weeks. Getting their staff paid accurately and on time was an additional headache. Today, Bullfrog Insurance can setup business owners with Professional and Business Liability Insurance in 90 seconds. Adding payroll and employee payments is just a few seconds more.

“For the first time Canadian business owners can get competitive, near real-time coverage for their business and solve their headaches around back-office functions like payroll – all in one place.” said Sam Natur, CEO and president of Bullfrog Insurance. “We’re focused on helping these businesses succeed by making insurance and payroll simple and fast..”

Canadian small business owners can get real-time quotes for Business Liability Insurance today and register for quick access to payroll. This innovative service includes payroll, business payments, employee self-service as well as access to affordable employee benefits.

“We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses across Canada who’ve experienced issues getting access to insurance services. We’re proud to finally help them get access to these services through one of the most innovative platforms available today.” said Sam Vassa, co-founder and CEO of PaymentEvolution.

Learn more at http://bullfroginsurance.com/payroll

About PaymentEvolution
PaymentEvolution provides easy to use, secure online payroll and payment services to small and mid-sized businesses across Canada. We’re trusted by thousands of businesses, and process over $1B in payments. See why we’re Canada’s most loved payroll and payments service at http://PaymentEvolution.com

About Bullfrog Insurance
Bullfrog is a licensed insurance brokerage dedicated to commercial insurance for small businesses across Canada. Our award winning platform and service enable you to get near real-time access to coverage when you need it. Our insurance partners include Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, The Guarantee Company of North America (GCNA), Northbridge Insurance and South Western Group. Learn more at http://bullfroginsurance.com


Vote For Bullfrog Insurance!


We are thrilled to announce that Bullfrog Insurance has been chosen as a finalist for the Insurance Canada Technology Award (ICTA). This award highlights and recognizes the use and implementation of innovative technologies that have positively impacted the Canadian insurance industry. We are elated to be recognized as the first program in Canada to offer small business owners a fast and easy way to purchase small business insurance online!




Along with this nomination, we have also been chosen as one of the finalists for the People’s Choice Award at the ICTAs (woo!). With so many amazing finalists up for this award, we need your help to win! It’s important to mention that you can only vote once and the February 25th deadline is coming up fast. Get your vote on!



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Bullfrog Insurance Canada – Business Insurance Without the Bull


Toronto – October 27, 2015

Stuff Happens…In Seconds…And Now, So Can Purchasing Small Business Insurance

For the first time in Canada, small business owners in BC, Alberta and Ontario can purchase their business and liability insurance from their computers or smartphones, in as little as 90 seconds.

Bullfrog Insurance is the first licensed Canadian brokerage to offer small business insurance fully online. Specifically created to eliminate the guesswork, find the right policy and save valuable time for small business owners, Bullfrog Insurance can be purchased online any time of day or night.

“We have simplified what can typically be a very confusing and time consuming process for many small business owners,” says Sam Natur, CEO & President, Bullfrog Insurance. “Small business owners can simply go online and instantly get multiple quotes to choose from. They can directly purchase the policy that is right for them and have it emailed immediately, without taking valuable time away from their busy schedules.”

The traditional way of seeking insurance requires new businesses to fill out complicated forms, make numerous phone calls and set up meetings with brokers during their busy work day, a process that can take days or weeks to complete. Now, small business owners never have to leave their office or computer, making it a simple, easy and efficient way to protect their business.

“I was searching for a ‘no-hassle’ way to provide my new home building company with adequate liability insurance and came across Bullfrog Insurance after a brief Google search,” says James Greig, Jcon Design Build Ltd. “Bullfrog was the first link I contacted and it turned out that I needn’t contact anyone else. Their service and results were exactly what I needed for my business. I highly recommend Bullfrog for the busy business owner who doesn’t have time for the standard time-consuming meetings. Bullfrog had me quickly approved and insured from the comfort of my PC.”

Buying insurance is one of the most important decisions a small business can make. Bullfrog’s research shows approximately 85% of small business owners purchase insurance within the first year of operation, and 74% of that group within the first six months. Many business owners may tend to put off searching for or renewing their business insurance because it can be a complicated, confusing, time consuming process.

Liability requirements can differ for small businesses, depending upon their products and services, location, and whether they conduct commerce online. Accidents or mishaps can happen in a matter of minutes, and the cost to an unprotected small business owner can be devastating. Bullfrog offers a no nonsense approach to getting small business insurance easily and quickly all from the click of a keyboard.

Bullfrog Insurance provides small business the option to buy their insurance online within the following fields: contractors, office professionals, healthcare professionals and retailers can obtain quotes and purchase coverage online or, if they want to speak to an agent, by calling Bullfrog Insurance’s specialists. Businesses outside of these fields can also start quotes online and purchase their policy over the phone.

An easy and user friendly online system, the client fills out a questionnaire which will generate up to four separate quotes to choose from. The site, available 24/7, also boasts a live chat and call centre open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST Monday to Friday to answer any additional questions the user has. Once a choice is made, the final policy can be purchased online in as little as 90 seconds. With peak traffic time to the Bullfrog site taking place before 9am and after 5pm, this reinforces the fact that many small business owners take time during off hours to address their insurance needs. Bullfrog Insurance is the only insurance broker in Canada to provide such a service.

Bullfrog Insurance works with many of Canada’s best insurance companies to ensure the most competitive rates possible, including: Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, The Guarantee Company of North America (GCNA), Northbridge Insurance and South Western Group. Set up as a one-stop-shop online insurance brokerage, Bullfrog Insurance provides access to general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, health benefits, bonds, travel insurance and more.

Check out our short, informational video: http://bullfroginsurance.com/about/

Media Contacts
Jenny Mulkins

The Guarantee and Bullfrog Insurance Partner to Offer Online Insurance Coverage for Canadian Small Businesses


AS SEEN ON: Canadian Underwriter

Toronto – July 8, 2015

The Guarantee Company of North America (The Guarantee) has teamed up with Bullfrog Insurance to provide a faster and simpler way for Canadian small business owners to obtain small business insurance.

Called Bullfrog Insurance –“insurance without the bull”— this new online portal was designed to allow business owners to purchase a policy that is tailored to their industry and meets their budget. Small business owners in the Canadian marketplace no longer have to fill out long, tedious forms and wait days, even weeks, to receive insurance quotes for their small business.

“Small business owners today are part of a very competitive marketplace and struggle to find time to get the insurance they need without being tied up in a rather consuming process” says Glenn Woodard, National Vice-President, Corporate Insurance, The Guarantee.

As small business owners usually find themselves confused over what coverage they need, Bullfrog Insurance ensures businesses are getting the right coverage based on the industry in which they operate. Should owners have any questions, there are experienced Bullfrog Insurance brokers they can reach through online chat or by phone.

“The online process is simple and you can select your business category from a drop-down menu so you know you are getting a policy that is specific to your line of business,” says Sam Natur, CEO & President, Bullfrog Insurance. “You get the coverage you need with the security of knowing you aren’t over or under insured. Bullfrog Insurance is going to flip the commercial insurance market on its head. It’s just what small businesses need in today’s marketplace.”

Initially launched in Ontario, Bullfrog Insurance has now expanded to include two other provinces, British Columbia and Alberta. With more expansion plans in the works, you can expect to see Bullfrog Insurance partnering with insurers like The Guarantee to cater to small businesses across Canada.

“One policy at a time, we will make it easier for Canadian small businesses to prosper while being protected from potential risks that could halt their growth,” added Woodard. “We are very excited to be part of a program that is the first of its kind in Canada and that can provide Canadian small business owners with the right risk protection and ease they deserve.”

For more information, visit http://bullfroginsurance.com/

About The Guarantee
The Guarantee Company of North America is a leader in specialty insurance and surety within the North American marketplace. We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in niche segments, including the surety industry, corporate insurance, transportation industry, credit, and customized personal insurance. For more information, visit theguarantee.com.

About Bullfrog Insurance
Bullfrog Insurance is a licensed Canadian insurance brokerage that is dedicated to providing commercial insurance for small business enterprises. Working with many of Canada’s best insurance companies, we offer small business owners a fast and simple way to quickly and easily shop for the right insurance coverage to protect their business from unforeseen losses. For more information, visit bullfroginsurance.com.

Media Contacts
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Linda Domenichini
The Guarantee Company of North America
416-223-9580 ext. 11351

Bullfrog Insurance is the First in Canada to Quote & Bind for Small Business Liability Insurance Need


AS SEEN ON: Canada NewsWire

A premier provider, this online Canadian insurance broker offers free no obligation small business insurance quotes in just minutes from a variety of reputable firms. Coverages offered include, but are not limited to: liability insurance, business property insurance and commercial automobile insurance.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, June 23, 2015 /CNW/ – As of March 2015, Bullfrog Insurance (www.BullFrogInsurance.com)  became the first brokerage in Canada to quote and bind small business insurance policies online. An industry leader in commercial general liability insurance for business owners and entrepreneurs, Bullfrog Insurance allows individuals to obtain a free, no obligation insurance quote and purchase online for convenience.

Insurance, especially liability insurance, is an essential component of conducting business in today’s world and offers the means for business owners to protect their assets, meet liability responsibility, and preserve their livelihood. Bullfrog Insurance provides small business owners in multiple industries with the protection they need for a wide range of endeavors.

Although many small businesses need it, liability insurance coverage isn’t a simple one-size-fits-all proposition. Different businesses have specific needs depending upon their products and services, location, and whether they conduct commerce online. Individuals within the following fields: healthcare professionals, office professionals, contractors and retailers can obtain quotes online or by calling Bullfrog Insurance’s specialists.

Individuals with businesses that aren’t within the healthcare, office, retail or contracting field can also begin a quote online and purchase their policy over the phone. Bullfrog Insurance specialists are knowledgeable on the requirements for each type of business and work with an extensive national network of reputable insurance companies which hold exceptional financial ratings.

Litigation for real or probable problems can ruin business reputations and significantly impact their viability and future. Without appropriate small business insurance coverage, it only takes one lawsuit to devastate a business and lawsuits are far more frequent than many would believe. Liability insurance is one of the most important protections that business owners can obtain to protect themselves and their company.

Obtaining insurance can be a confusing and complicated process for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Bullfrog Insurance has simplified this time consuming process and eliminated the guesswork, making it easy and convenient for business owners to obtain the protection needed for their business to grow and prosper.

For more information, call 1.844.GO-B-FROG (1.844.462.3774), email info@bullfroginsurance.com or visit Bullfrog Insurance online. Please visit our Facebook page to stay updated with our weekly blog posts and insight!