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Having professional liability insurance in Hamilton should be a no-brainer if you are a business that makes a living off providing a professional service or advice. With many industries, this insurance coverage is a necessity, and for good reason. Having professional liability insurance in Hamilton can be the difference between keeping your doors open for many years to come and having to foreclose unexpectedly due to unforeseen events. Bullfrog Insurance helps you get professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions) easier than ever through our quick online quoting process. Although having commercial general liability is a great help, it is not enough to insure businesses of a professional nature.

FAQs for Hamilton Professional Liability Insurance

Understanding how to run a business is one thing but understanding how exactly to insure it is another. We understand that purchasing professional liability insurance may seem daunting, which is why we are here to break down the barriers and help you better understand professional liability insurance.

Below, we have answered some frequently asked questions about professional liability insurance in Hamilton for you to read through. You can discuss with Bullfrog Insurance’s experts if you have additional questions.

What does professional liability insurance in Hamilton cover?

Professional liability insurance in Hamilton is designed to go above and beyond your average commercial general liability insurance. This isn’t to say that commercial general liability insurance isn’t imperative, but it’s certainly not the coverage that will give you peace-of-mind if you offer a professional service. Here are some situations where having professional liability in Hamilton is critical:

  • You work as a photographer and outsource the developing work to a third-party. They fail to develop the images on time and your client sues you for negligence.
  • You work as an HR manager and accidentally forward an email to an unrelated third-party, who uses the information on the email for malicious activities. The intended recipient sues you for breach of privacy and the consequential financial losses.

Professional liability insurance in Hamilton may benefit businesses for the situations mentioned above, as well as dozens of others.

How much professional liability insurance coverage does my Hamilton business require?

Under-insurance and over-insurance can both cost you if you aren’t careful about selecting your professional liability insurance. Start narrowing down your coverage options by asking yourself these questions:

  • Could your business injure someone’s reputation if you were to make an error?
  • How much can your business afford to pay for its defence costs in the event of a lawsuit?
  • How expensive are the lawsuits that your business faces on average?
  • How much can you afford to pay for your insurance?
  • How likely is a business in your industry to see a claim?

You may still have questions, which we totally understand! If you’re not sure which how much coverage to get, our team at Bullfrog Insurance are here to chat about your particular coverage needs.

Do I need to purchase professional liability insurance in Hamilton?

Technically, yes. Some clients will not work with a business that cannot provide proof of insurance or may not even consider businesses without insurance for a particular job. Some industries may even find that they cannot legally operate in Canada without professional liability insurance, and Hamilton businesses may find they are no exception.

That being said, some businesses may not be mandated to carry professional liability insurance. It is still highly recommended, given that a lawsuit could easily put a small business out for good – even if you have done nothing wrong. Professional liability insurance is a small price to pay for huge protection.

How much does it cost to buy professional liability insurance in Hamilton?

Not every professional business will pay the same for its insurance. Professional liability insurance in Hamilton ranges in its value depending on the risks your business faces, for example, how likely you are to make a claim in the event that a client or third-party should sue you for perceived negligence.

Professional liability insurance in Hamilton may differ in cost, depending on these factors:

  • Your industry
  • Business experience
  • Your coverage history
  • Likelihood of a lawsuit
  • Business size
  • Your employees
  • The type of work your business does
  • Number of clients

Note that if you are unhappy with your rates, you can always discuss with Bullfrog Insurance’s experts about how to save on your premiums.

How do I purchase professional liability insurance in Hamilton?

Bullfrog Insurance prides itself on the fact that we have made acquiring professional liability insurance in Hamilton easier than ever. You can do the entire process digitally and go right ahead to purchase, if you like what you see. The process can be done in under two minutes and can be broken down into three steps:

  • Fill out the fields about your professional business, what it does, your contact information and coverage options.
  • Choose from top-rated insurance companies and select a quote based on price!
  • Purchase your policy if you like what you’re seeing!

After purchasing, you’ll instantly receive your certificate of insurance in your email and can get back to working with peace-of-mind.

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Professional liability insurance for your business is a necessity if you work in professional services. Consultants, photographers, financial advisors and HR managers are just a small sampling of those who may require professional liability insurance in order to operate. A single accusation of negligence could put even the hardest working business in the industry out of business.

That is why Bullfrog Insurance makes getting professional liability insurance in Hamilton as easy as possible, because we want to ensure you get the quality protection you need without sacrificing any of your precious time.

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Harassement Solutions Inc.

Due to a client’s request, and for the first time, I needed Commercial general liability insurance, but I had no clue where to start. I googled “CGL” and up came Bullfrog Insurance. Even though my needs were relatively small, due to the client needs, they had to be very specific. Every question I asked was answered by the Bullfrog insurance representative, Raman, who was very helpful. And then, when I realized I needed more coverage, she didn’t flinch and let me know she’d get back to me right away. I got great coverage and all of it was done via email. Now I’ll know who to turn to for other small business insurance needs.

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