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5 ways to amplify your small business marketing in 2019

It’s a new year which means new opportunities. The holidays are over and its back to business. As each year passes, more and more changes...

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4 ways to end the year strong and get ahead for the New Year

The New Year brings an opportunity for reflection and forward-thinking on actionable goals. While December is quickly winding down, ending the year strong as a...

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Avoid the Burnout by Making Work-Life Balance a Priority

As a small business owner and/or entrepreneur, you most likely find yourself working 24/7 and the idea of having a work-life balance is a mystical concept that...

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Here’s What You Can Do to Adjust Your SEO

It’s 2018, SEO has changed. There’s no more keyword stuffing, no more spamming the search engines, getting anxious over this word and that word has...

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Why You Need to Set up Automatic Email Replies

Usually when you go on vacation, you have an automatic email reply set up. Letting the recipient know how long you will be away for,...

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Bullfrog Insurance Offers Policy Service Online

Need to make a change?  No problem! In seconds you can put in a service request and relax.  We’ll take it from there.     MISSISSAUGA...

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Forming A Business NDA

How NDA’s Can Safeguard Your Business With all the headlines about hackers and email leaks, it is very evident that in today’s world confidentiality and...

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AI and Productivity Apps for Small Business

  Productivity Apps to be thankful for this Thanksgiving While we love turkey as much as the next pond resident, we believe there is a...

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Small Business Payroll Solutions

Here at Bullfrog, we are always hard at work trying come up with new products and solutions that can help you and your small business...

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