‘Tis The Season to Network


Networking for Entrepreneurs – Some Do’s and Don’ts

With the holiday season approaching, you’re going to be at a lot of events that present a great opportunity for networking.  Unfortunately, even the most experienced entrepreneurs can often be inexperienced in the art of networking.


The most major mistake small business owners may make is not networking. Opting to avoid networking means that you are not capitalizing on opportunities nearly as much as you could be. Some business owners cite several reasons as to why they do not network such as not having the energy or personality.  Most experienced entrepreneurs find ways to circumvent such obstacles, as they view networking as a critical process. Networking can be seen as a very high value activity for a business, considering the results it may provide relative to the resources that must be placed towards engaging in it.


Another common mistake is actively attending networking events but not reaping the rewards of networking. If you leave with a bunch of business cards and then store them in a drawer rather than follow up with prospective clients and partners, attending events will not be a productive activity for you.  As well when networking authenticity is very important. Connecting to others as a company instead of as a person can be a major mistake.  How often have you spoken with someone and come away feeling that they were a little too “salesy”?.  Connecting with people takes time and effort, but if you build the right connections with people, they may provide you with a stream of clients through word of mouth.


Finally, be sure to manage your efforts carefully and be selective.  Attempting to go to every event you get an email or brochure about can lead to burnout.  With a little consideration and planning you can reap the rewards of networking without incurring any of the drawbacks.


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Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget



On Remembrance Day


At Bullfrog Insurance we salute entrepreneurs 364 Days a year because starting a business takes courage and succeeding at business takes commitment.


On November 11th, however we salute those who put others before themselves, those who serve our great country, those who serve the purpose of peace everywhere and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.   On Remembrance Day we take a moment to think about and thank all the service men and women who do so much for our country, democracy and freedom everywhere.


From the entire team at Bullfrog Insurance, we wish everyone a peaceful Remembrance Day.



Using Content Marketing To Succeed


We often hear “content is king” when it comes to running a website and getting it noticed, but there is far more to executing on this than simply publishing opinions and updates.  To get noticed and become an authority or influencer, you need to establish a disciplined plan of action, execute on it and continue to improve through fresh new and exciting solutions and tools.


One of the most important aspects of publishing content is putting yourself in the position of your audience.  As an example, if you’re in the digital marketing industry, publishing countless articles about changes to Google’s algorithms can rapidly send your readers searching for other sites.  If however you speak to the sensibilities and challenges of up-and-coming digital marketers, you will gain a far more loyal readership. It is always important to look at the value proposition as your reader sees it. The world of marketing is now consumer centric, and you must demonstrate this mentality.  When developing a blog, ask yourself one vital question:


“If I stumbled upon this blog would I read it in full – Yes or No?”


This is a simple and effective test – how interested do you find yourself?  If you get pulled into the article within the first paragraph, there is a good chance that others will do the same. Conversely, if you believe that your content is highly valuable to the viewer yet takes a deeper inspection to truly see it, the return on the blog may end up being sub par.


This means that you must place great focus in both the planning of the topics you will provide information on, and also the way the blogs are propositioned. Building upon your copy writing skills is essential for digital marketing.


Another very powerful element to take advantage of to be seen amongst the influencers is to simply join them. Interacting with influencers is a great way of increasing your brand’s visibility. Making impactful statements will be noticed by third parties, leading them to seek out your brand. With diligent and charismatic networking done with influencers, opportunities for cross-posting and other forms of collaboration arise. Guest posting is not only amazing for SEO as it often provides a backlink to your website from a high link-authority website; it also introduces your brand to a new audience to be captivated.  Networking also comes with the advantage of  providing you with authority. If you are seen as a reputable source from other key players within an industry, the hard work they have done to build their reputation will now be gifted to you as well. Beware however that the inverse may also happen if your content lacks sincerity or authoritative information.


Indeed, as with any other strategy, acting on a content marketing strategy is not an undertaking to underestimate. With dedicated effort and effective planning however, content marketing can be a cost-effective method of driving traffic, creating brand awareness, a fan-base, and ultimately profits.


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Halloween 2016 Costumes You Should Know



Helping You Get Up to Date

You are a business owner with little to no time to be caught up on all things related to pop culture at the moment. However Halloween is arriving soon. Instead of being out-of-the-loop, here’s a break down of most common characters to expect costumes from around the office. With this knowledge, you will be able to feign understanding towards these pop culture crazes, and look up to date.


Stranger Things

‘Stranger things’ is a Netflix original show that is a mix of mystery, supernatural, and thriller. It is about the disappearance about boy named Will Bryers and the odd series of events that occurs when they search for him. It has captivated audiences with its first season and is slated to have another soon.

People to look for: Chief Jim hopper, Will Bryers, Joyce, Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Jonathan, Karen, Dr.Martin, Barbara.


Inside Out

‘Inside Out’ is a very popular Pixar movie that was released last year. The movie has been received well and is seen as one of the studio’s staples. The movie has several characters which people have connected to that look distinct yet imitate-able, leading to them being an expected common choice.

The main characters to look out for: Riley, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust.


Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones is a story that extends across multiple books that is now being presented in television format. The show has an expansive universe and set-pieces beyond anything previously seen on television. This show has broken records for TV popularity and has a dedicated fan-base. As a result, there will likely be a lot of Game of Thrones characters around the office on Halloween.

Characters to expect, Hordor, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Aria Stark, Sansa Stark, Daenerys, Targayen, Ceresi Lannister, Bran stark, Jamie Lannister, Bejen Stark



This series has picked up a lot of steam this year. The Pokémon craze of the 90s is returning to full form in 2016 as a result of the mobile app “Pokémon Go”.  Pokémon Go has made the video game accessible for the younger generations while bringing nostalgia for the older crowd; this combination allowed it to break records for mobile application downloads. With these factors in mind, this series will probably see representation at the office on the 31st.

The main characters to look out for:  Ash Ketchum, Team rocket, Pikachu, Charizard, Squirtle


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Differentiate Your Workplace to Attract The Best Employees

In the increasingly competitive pursuit of the best and brightest employees, fostering a workplace that is conducive to innovation, team building and productivity is a terrific way to attract staff that operate at a higher level than your competition.


In order to create an environment that allows for brilliance, teamwork and creativity, you have to be committed to organizational change, not simply curious about it. Hosting team building activities such as a softball games or an off site get together, can come across as insincere or contrived to serve ulterior motives.  Savvy employees are often the first to perceive this, so such efforts are made in vain.  If you really want to attain employees with higher levels of passion, here are some of the best methods to reboot things and modernize your organization.


Schedule accommodations

While they may come off as yet another “buzz” term, flex hours, afford many the ability to be more productive and more available to their job.  This allows individuals to operate at a higher and often more focused level because they are not distracted by many of the outside responsibilities of life. As well, for individuals who cannot work a standard work week implementing a 4 day work week structure at 80% pay is a solution currently being piloted by the likes of Amazon, Netflix and many other innovative and reputable firms.  Accommodating employees in this way bolsters diversity and commitment which leads to a very powerful team.


Working from home

Similarly offering the option to work from home not only allows for great convenience for the employee, but also provides significant benefits to the team and the business. When passionate employees are working from home, they will often work longer more focused hours (e.g. no chatter by the water cooler), allowing for increased amounts of productivity. As well the business requirement or real estate is diminished, resulting in significant cost savings.  Finally, employees who work from home also take fewer days off due to being sick.  Contrary to what you might think, people working from home typically provide a higher output than average.


Office Pets

Allowing people to bring elements of their home life to work is a fantastic way to make the work experience more personal for some employees.  Often out of concern for their pet who is home along, many employees feel a bit distracted or guilty about the time at work. Allowing their pets in the office often alleviates this; leading to increased time and focus to work. Pets also often have great character which tends to put employees in higher spirits, allowing for increased energy around the office.  While it may not be conducive to have someone bring in a pet alligator, allowing for smaller – less threatening pets — is a great concept employed by several successful companies.


At Bullfrog Insurance, we believe in continually questioning the status quo and pushing the limits of corporate innovation.  Likewise seeking to improve things often causes entrepreneurs to launch a business — but it is their talented staff that keep the business growing and progressing.


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Bullfrog Insurance Offers Policy Service Online

Need to make a change?  No problem!
In seconds you can put in a service request and relax.  We’ll take it from there.



MISSISSAUGA – Oct 20th, 2016  In the continued effort to make small business insurance convenient and simple, Bullfrog Insurance has now launched “Online Service Requests” which allow customers to submit change, service or other requests directly to agents via an online service.


This – of course – permits busy entrepreneurs to deal with changes they need done directly from their smartphones so they can get back to what’s important; running their business.


This latest update from Bullfrog Insurance is yet another first for small business insurance in Canada demonstrating the commitment to unprecedented convenience and service.  Bullfrog Insurance – Insurance (and now service) without the bull!


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