Incorporating a Business

incorporating a business

You’ve set up shop – now maybe you should consider incorporating

Now that you’re up and running it might be time to evaluate your risk management strategy. If you are not yet incorporated, now might be the time to do it. Incorporation can be a key part of a company’s risk management strategy and it comes with a number of other perks.

Limited Liability

By incorporating your business you are creating a separate legal entity for your business. This limits the liability for claims against your company to the assets available from the company, thus protecting the personal assets of you and your partners.

Number of Owners

Incorporation also allows you to change the number of owners in the company. As well, each shareholder is only liable for their portion of the ownership. This means that they don`t have to worry about their partners financial situation and being responsible for them.

Financial Opportunities

Another great reason to incorporate is access to funds.  There are often a greater number of sources of capital available to incorporations. This is mostly due to the limited risk that investors have to take on when investing in your company. Additionally many government grants and loans are only available to incorporated businesses.

Profit Sharing Incentive

Incorporated businesses can offer shares to their employees. This can be used as incentive to improve the profits of a company because it benefits everyone. When everyone works together, this can help drive growth within the company.

Perpetual Existence

Companies that are incorporated live in perpetuity unlike Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships which die with the owners often causing undue stress on a business. This is substantially beneficial in the event of estate planning should something happen to an owner.

Tax Incentive

Firstly, separating yourself from your business will make doing your taxes easier. But more importantly, Canada offers incentives a lower tax rate to small business corporations which can save you money.  As well, being incorporated offers the opportunity to save on taxes by writing off many business expenses such as accounting costs and various types of insurance costs.


While incorporating makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses, insurance makes sense for all businesses.  No Bull about it, the right corporate structure  in combination with insurance coverage can be an excellent strategy for risk management to protect your business and personal assets.  You’ve put a lot of effort into launching your business – contacting Bullfrog Insurance to see about protecting it is a good way to ensure continued success.


How is the cost of your business insurance determined?

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Have you ever wondered why your business insurance price is what it is?  Why one business pays more than another or vice versa?  Insurance can be confusing and it can be difficult to understand how insurance companies decide on your premium.

At Bullfrog Insurance we believe that “insurance without the bull” is about helping business owners understand more about insurance so they can make informed decisions and get the best coverage for the best price.That’s why we’re always watching for trends in the insurance industry and communicating with our customers to help them get the best coverage for the best possible price. Our research and experience shows insurance companies develop their pricing based on several factors. A few factors which affect pricing are the economy, domestic and international events, and claims experience.

By understanding how such factors affect your insurance premium you will be more prepared and more aware of trends which can help you save.Insurance companies are constantly analyzing and evaluating their risks and this affects everyone including business owners.

When you consider the significant natural disasters that have hit Canada this spring, the current economic environment along with international political instability, getting a quote and buying your business insurance today is a smart way to save. Business owners are always navigating through changes and unexpected surprises but insurance does not have to be one of them.  By having a broker like Bullfrog Insurance you will be better informed and more prepared.

Make the move to Bullfrog Insurance today and save.


Social Media Marketing Tips from Bullfrog!

Bullfrog Social Media tips


When starting a business or looking to build the profile of an established business you cannot overlook the importance of social media marketing. Building your brand online can help boost your customer base and help manage your brand. It’s also a comparatively cheap method of marketing that can be done in-house.  When thinking about strategies for social media marketing one needs to consider the current positioning of the brand and what they would like it to be. Below are tips for improving your social media marketing strategy – No Bull.


  1. Know Your Brand and Audience

To make the most out of your social media avoid the spray and pray method. Your product or business may serve a wide variety of people, but in social media marketing it is important to define your target market relative to the channel you are using. Start by creating target audience profiles and considering specific messages that you would like them to take away from your online presence.


  1. Make Sure Your Channels Work Together

Each aspect of your online presence should complement each other. Your website should be the main hub of your online brand. It should define your voice and set the tone for all of your social media channels. The goal of every channel may be to drive traffic to your website if that is the place where customers can purchase your product or service. It is integral that they are all interconnected. Use icons and buttons to link to your social media channels on your website and include call to action phrases that encourage customers to follow, like and subscribe.


  1. Be Consistent

When starting out with social media marketing it can be tricky to manage all of the channels. Set aside time each day for planning and posting and make sure to do it regularly. Social media moves quickly and if your business is not appearing in the timelines and newsfeeds of your customers daily you will get lost in the shuffle.  Using sites like Hootsuite can help you to schedule your posts so that you can plan ahead and not have to worry about manually posting each day.


  1. Social Conversations Happen In Real Time

The conversation on social media happens in real time. It’s not called anti-social media. It is important that you are using your social media channels to BE social. Respond to mentions, join in relevant conversations and interact with consumers.  It is also important to share timely and interesting content for your consumers to read. It can help build your profile. It also helps to build trust because consumers do not want to constantly see ads for your business on their timeline.


  1. Paid Advertising

Social media also offers a great opportunity to do some paid advertising at a reasonable price.  Social media sites collect mass amounts of data from their users which, in turn allows businesses to target advertising to a very specific audience.  Even with a small budget you can leverage social media ads through easy to use ad managers on each channel.

Who’s Watching Out for You This Year?


Canadians are amazing people.  We deal with frigid winters with heartiness.  We value diversity and get along in good times and bad.  And when natural disasters occur, we all step up and help without hesitation.  As a business owner, it’s important to know your insurance broker also shares these great Canadian values.  Too often business owners are left at risk, without sufficient coverage because they don’t have the time or don’t understand what their broker is telling them.  It’s time to change that – and we believe we have.

For years, industry experts listened to the concerns of business owners and sought to address them. That’s why we launched Bullfrog Insurance with the promise to provide “insurance without the bull”.  As a business owner you should feel like your broker is being straightforward with you and is negotiating with the insurance companies on YOUR behalf.  That’s why our site allows you to get up to 4 quotes from insurance companies competing to give you the best rate possible.

Week after week our agents get asked if the rate shown on our website is the monthly rate or the annual rate.  We love telling them, the rate they are seeing on their screen is the rate FOR THE YEAR – with taxes included!  No hidden fees or admin costs!

As a business owner, you’re busy and should be able to look after your business coverage when it is convenient for you – not according to your broker’s schedule.  With Bullfrog you can do just that. Our website is open 24hrs a day, 365 days a year and you can quote and buy in a mere 90 seconds.

You should also feel like your broker is selling you the right coverage for your business — no more and certainly no less. We frequently get compliments from customers when we are able to help them save money. Customers often contact us through our site chat or by phone and are often pleasantly surprised to find a broker that operates like a small business owner and thinks of ways to help them save.  They’re often delighted commenting “oh my gosh – this really is insurance without the bull!”

For the past year, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we help businesses and address their concerns about insurance.  We’ve started the change, but we are far from done.  We plan to continue launching innovative products and services to help your business.  We’ll continue to do so in an honest, efficient and helpful manner and — of course — we’ll be as competitive as possible.  Because we believe business owners are Canadians who need someone to look out for them too.

Ditch the 9-5 and Turn your Passion Into Cash


Maybe you’re a student searching for a summer job or an experienced worker looking to escape the 9-5. Starting your own business allows you to leverage your passion and skills for profit and a flexible schedule. Being your own boss brings tremendous opportunity, but also presents risk and responsibility. Check out these tips and resources to help you get your business off the ground.

1. Figure Out What Your Business Will Sell and to Whom

Almost anything can be turned into a business. The possibilities are virtually limitless if you just start to think like an entrepreneur. For example, someone who likes kayaking could run guided kayak tours and someone who likes making accessories could make hair bands from recycled materials. These days entrepreneurs provide all sorts of products, services and solutions to solve problems and make life better. Many include smart phone apps and disruptive technologies such as Uber for example.  When thinking about what you want to sell, remember that whatever the product, it must be of interest to your target market. You should solve a problem or improve on something that already exists.

2. Write a Business Plan and Build a Budget

A business plan is defined as, a document that summarizes the operational and financial goals of a business and contains the detailed plans and budgets showing how the goals are to be met. A budget is defined as an estimate of the income and expenditure for your business over a set amount of time. In this plan you will outline how your business will run, and what risks will be associated with it. With a little research you’d be surprised how much free information is available from banks and on the internet – just be certain the source of information is credible.

Considerations for your budget should include expenses related to: equipment, office supplies, gas money, advertising costs, bank fees, insurance costs, inventory, rent and any other expenses you may have. There are a number of companies that can help make this process easier. For example, at Bullfrog Insurance you can buy business insurance online in under 90 seconds. You fill in some questions, get a quote from up to 4 insurers and can purchase insurance your business.  That way you can get back to the more exciting parts of starting a business faster.

3. Find Financing

Most of us can’t afford all of these expenses alone, and since starting a business involves significant overhead it might be in your interest to seek out some financial assistance until you start bringing in some revenue. It is important that you have a thorough business and finance plan for your company when approaching investors. Luckily, the Canadian government and venture capitalists across Canada are looking to invest in innovative start-up businesses. You can also pitch to a growing number of business incubators popping up across the country.

4. Launch your Business.   

So you’ve got a plan and a great product, now what? Let your customers know that you are available for business. You can do this through advertising and word of mouth. Choose where you are going to advertise carefully, think about who your target market is, and where will they go for information. Having an online presence in the form of a website and social media handles is one of the most important ways for your customers to find you. Depending on your product you might want to consider advertising in local print publications like newspapers and magazines. Building relationships with social media influencers can also help boost business.

5. Network, Network, Network and Seek Mentors 

One of the best ways to get your name out there is through word of mouth. Keep your business cards on you at all times. You never know who you’ll meet or how they could possibly help you. You should also take advantage of local business events such as Business Development groups. These events give you the opportunity to tell people about your business and for you to make local connections in the business world.  These connections can form lasting mentor/mentee relationships which will help you to avoid mistakes that someone has already learned from, saving you time and money.

6. Get Your Clients and Keep Them Happy.   

Client retention is cheaper than acquiring a new client. Make sure that every interaction with a client is pleasant for them. Customers are more likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. This can be extremely damaging in the start up phase of your business.

7. Have Fun! 

You are starting this business because you are passionate about something. Have fun and share that passion with everyone you meet and it will translate into profit.

PaymentEvolution and Bullfrog Insurance Announce Instant Access to Payroll and Business Insurance



Toronto, Canada – March 1, 2016

Small Businesses Can Activate Payroll and Get Business Insurance in 90 Seconds

Canada’s most loved cloud payroll and payments service, PaymentEvolution and the award winning insurance brokerage Bullfrog Insurance have teamed up to provide Canadian small businesses with near instant access to payroll and business insurance.

The companies are working together to remove the common barriers small business owners face when trying to run their business. Getting adequate insurance coverage for their business would often take weeks. Getting their staff paid accurately and on time was an additional headache. Today, Bullfrog Insurance can setup business owners with Professional and Business Liability Insurance in 90 seconds. Adding payroll and employee payments is just a few seconds more.

“For the first time Canadian business owners can get competitive, near real-time coverage for their business and solve their headaches around back-office functions like payroll – all in one place.” said Sam Natur, CEO and president of Bullfrog Insurance. “We’re focused on helping these businesses succeed by making insurance and payroll simple and fast..”

Canadian small business owners can get real-time quotes for Business Liability Insurance today and register for quick access to payroll. This innovative service includes payroll, business payments, employee self-service as well as access to affordable employee benefits.

“We’ve worked with thousands of small businesses across Canada who’ve experienced issues getting access to insurance services. We’re proud to finally help them get access to these services through one of the most innovative platforms available today.” said Sam Vassa, co-founder and CEO of PaymentEvolution.

Learn more at

About PaymentEvolution
PaymentEvolution provides easy to use, secure online payroll and payment services to small and mid-sized businesses across Canada. We’re trusted by thousands of businesses, and process over $1B in payments. See why we’re Canada’s most loved payroll and payments service at

About Bullfrog Insurance
Bullfrog is a licensed insurance brokerage dedicated to commercial insurance for small businesses across Canada. Our award winning platform and service enable you to get near real-time access to coverage when you need it. Our insurance partners include Aviva Insurance Company of Canada, The Guarantee Company of North America (GCNA), Northbridge Insurance and South Western Group. Learn more at


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